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The Wild Animal Show

Airing Fri, 2011-11-18

Step into the wild with an hour full of exotic and adorable animals! Meet and learn about the cutest baby camels and zebras with wildlife expert Jaimie Kemmerer. Then, find out about the surprising wildlife that may be lurking in your backyard with naturalist David Mizejewski. Plus, a look at penguins and African ravens from the Maryland Zoo.

Media The Wild Animal Show Noah's Ark in New York Martha meets some wild monkeys, zebras, and more animals, and she shows behind-the-scenes footage of their arrival at the studio.
camel-mslb7016.jpg Camel

This three-month-old camel's hump serves as a fat reserve, giving him energy under harsh conditions and ensuring that the rest of his body stays lean and cool.

coatimundi-mslb7016.jpg Coatimundi

Named after Kate Middleton, this six-month old coatimundi is part of the raccoon family -- the only species in the family that remains active during the day.

monkey-mslb7016.jpg Japanese Snow Macaque

Japanese snow macaques are commonly known as snow monkeys, and they reside in cold climates farther north than any other nonhuman primate.

opossum-mslb7016.jpg Opossum

The Opossum is an ancient species that dates been to the dinosaur age. The expression "playing possum" originates from their tendency to play dead when threatened.

penguins-mslb7016.jpg African Black-Footed Penguins

These penguins from the Maryland Zoo are warm-weather animals; the species is originally from South Africa.

prehensile-tail-porcupine-mslb7016.jpg South American Porcupine

South American porcupines live high up in the trees of the rainforest, only rarely climbing down.

box-turtle-mslb7016.jpg Box Turtle

Box turtles in colder climates begin their hibernation around this time of year, burrowing up to 2 feet deep into the ground.


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