Homemade Food Gifts

Martha Stewart Living, December 2011

Fruitcake doesn't need to be the only spirit-soaked holiday gift. Indeed, our food department often whips up batches of boozy treats this time of year. If someone loves a martini, prepare a jar of vermouth-soaked olives. Make some bourbon-drenched cherries for your friend who drinks Manhattans, and she'll never look at a store-bought maraschino the same way again. You can even make a bottle of flavored vodka (we used tangerine peel, but we also love less expected flavor combinations, such as vanilla and cardamom, or pine and juniper). Include a bag of sweet-and-salty nuts for snacking. Use our clip-art tags to label your gifts.


Vermouth-Soaked Olives
Sweet and Salty Pecans
Bourbon-Soaked Cherries
Infused Vodkas


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