Ornament-Filled Cloche

When you're filling the cloche, turn the necks of the ornaments inward so all you see are the spheres.

Ornament-Filled Cloche

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2011


There's nothing like a glass dome to elevate even the most prosaic objects. The minute you put anything under one, it attracts attention. To introduce a dash of color to my neutral living room, I packed a mix of vintage and new shatterproof Christmas balls in silver, fuchsia, red, and cobalt into a cloche. I repeated the shades with the pillows on the sofa to pick up the palette.


  • Glass cloche

  • Cushioned packaging material (optional)

  • Plastic bin (optional)

  • Round ornaments, hooks taken off


  1. Balance cloche upside down between your knees, or create a nest of packaging material in bin to stabilize cloche and place cloche upside down inside bin.

  2. Put balls in cloche one by one, varying the colors and sizes; use the smallest balls to fill in open spaces.

  3. Fill to the top.

  4. Place the base on the cloche, and carefully flip the whole thing over.


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