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Utensil Drawer Substitutions

It is the maddening law of the utensil drawer -- the odd thingamajig that you pawed over a million times between last December and last week has gone missing the one day you need it. Which is not to say you can't make biscuits without a biscuit cutter or a turkey without a bulb baster. Instead, try a stand-in.

Martha Stewart Living, November 2011

Kitchen Twine
For trussing drumsticks together so the bird cooks evenly.
Kitchen Shears
Use them to cut a slit in the skin of the turkey neck, so you can tuck in the ends of the drumsticks to hold them in place.

Biscuit Cutter
For making perfectly round biscuits.
Drinking Glasses
These will make similar uniform shapes. Dip the rim in flour if the glass sticks to the dough.

Bulb Baster
For suctioning up drippings and pan juices and basting the turkey as it roasts.
Scoop drippings into a measuring cup, and then pour over the breast.

Fat Separator
Juices settle at the bottom -- right where the spout is.
Plastic Water Bottle
Decant juices into bottle, poke a hole near the bottom with kitchen shears, and drain out all but the fat.

Pastry Cutter
For melding flour and butter.
Two Table Knives
Use to cut into the butter and mix in the flour. (Or if your hands are cool, your fingertips can get the job done without tools.)

Carving Set
For looking all Myles Standish-like at the head of the table.
Sharp Knife And Table Fork
These do the job just as well, even if they don't look quite as official.

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