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Traditional Advent Calendar How-To

Hang this vertically with gift 24 at the top. Snip one from the bottom each day.




  • Wrapping paper
  • 24 small gifts
  • Twine or thin ribbon
  • Rubber stamps or pen
  • Tags


  1. Step 1

    Wrap each gift. Tie each with twine, leaving several inches of twine at the top. Stamp or write numbers on tags, and tie them to the gifts.

  2. Step 2

    Arrange the gifts in order from 1 to 24. Tie the loose twine on gift 1 to the twine on the bottom of gift 2. Continue, joining all 24. Hang the chain.

Martha Stewart Living, November 2011



Reviews (3)

  • rfoust150 30 Nov, 2012

    You can buy tubes of mini-creatures at places like Hobby Lobby or A.C. Moore--they are often themed--fantasy, trains, etc. Could purchase mini furnishings for a dollhouse and let present 24 be a key--to the dollhouse itself under the tree. Charms for a charm bracelet or necklace with 24 being the bracelet itself. Each drawer could be a clue to a treasure hunt where something that wouldn't fit in the calendar could be hidden. Blocks of Sculpey or modelling clay.

  • chinagirls 27 Nov, 2012

    I am looking for ideas on what type of small gifts to put in an Advent Calendar. I just bought a advent calendar. Behind each day is a tiny little door than my daughter can open to reveal a special treat. Any ideas on what treats I can fill the advent calendar with? The space is very small. I know I could put candy in each space. I'm looking for other ideas...

  • Kathryn1960 2 Feb, 2012

    I read about the Advent Chain in the November issue of MSL. My grandkids live a couple hours away and I knew I would not be able to see them until Christmas Eve and felt like we would miss out on so much. So I made them an Advnet Chain using empty paper towel rolls. I filled each with 4 small surprises so that each grandchild would have a little treat each day of December. Then I wrapped each in colorful paper an glued them to a festive ribbon. It is now a tradintion! Already planning next