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Wishbone Napkin Charms




A twist on the traditional Thanksgiving wishbone showdown, these sweet napkin charms let everyone get a wish. Just truss napkins with some colorful kitchen twine and the little wishbone trinkets. Place the charm on some twine, wrap the twine around the napkin, and tie it off.

Wishbone trinkets, Festival linen dinner napkins, in Gray and Curry; Babylone platter, by Astier de Villatte;

Martha Stewart Living, November 2011



Reviews (3)

  • ennazus 22 Nov, 2011

    I beat Martha to the punch this time.
    Last year I made glittered wishbone ornaments for all my friends. They had a beaded star charm and a label that said, "Make a Wish!."
    Save your money, glitter your own wishbones.

  • ojolie 22 Nov, 2011

    To consider this craft "sweet" is a brutally poor comment on our sensibilities.

  • kari1974 21 Nov, 2011

    Ah-ha! Finally - a use for all of those tiny wishbones I saved from the many rotisserie chickens we've consumed over the past year! Granted, it will shed a more rustic look than the metal-plated charms shown here...