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Numbered Baby Bodysuits

Searching for the perfect baby-shower gift? You can't go wrong with these numbered bodysuits from artist Shannon Carter -- one for each month of baby's first year!





  1. Step 1

    Print 1-4 months template, 5-8 months template, and 9-12 months template transfer paper. (They will be mirror images.)

  2. Step 2

    Cut out designs, leaving a small white border around each. Place the first month's design face down on the front of the smallest size shirt.

  3. Step 3

    Using a dry iron on the hottest setting, iron the back of the design with firm pressure for 30 seconds. Turn iron halfway through so tip of soleplate is facing opposite direction.

  4. Step 4

    Peel off transfer paper immediately. Stretch design outward in direction of fabric grain.

  5. Step 5

    Repeat for each month, ironing the designs onto the appropriate size shirts.

  6. Step 6

    To package, lay each shirt face down on table and fold sides inward so the fold is on the edge of the design. Starting at snaps, roll shirt up to neck. Place all rolled shirts in gift box with design facing upward.



Reviews (15)

  • MalloryArt 3 Nov, 2013

    Try rolling the onsies and wrapping ribbons around them to create a bouquet. (Braided pipe cleaners work for stems)

  • jkamer 31 Jul, 2013

    This is so cute! It took 2 hours and they turned out great. I like how they are gender neutral!
    I got my onesies from Hobby Lobby- they are thicker than Gerber or Carters. They were $4.99 each and 30% off, so I got all 12 for $42. I used "Transfer Magic" transfer paper for my Epson inkjet printer. Just make sure you get the kind for white/light colored fabric. It recommended 30 seconds, I did about 40 and then let it cool. It was sort of hard to peel off, but just find a good place to start.

  • marisolgarciadelavega 2 Jan, 2013

    What kind of paper do you use to iron the transfer into the bodysuite? Because i've tried directly with the iron and the fabric burns.
    Thanks for your help

  • Kendall Anne 16 Jul, 2012

    I tried these and they turned out wonderfully! I used my boyfriend's vintage GE Dry Iron and it worked so much better than my new one. It gets very hot and you don't have to press down very hard to get the design to stick.

    I would be interested in knowing if anyone has any good sources for cheap onesies. Lots of my friends are having babies right now and it would be great if I could buy in bulk!

    I cannot wait to gift these to my expecting friends!

  • Dazzle 7 Jun, 2012

    Rick, you asked: Transfers I downloaded are backwards. Is there a way to print them forward?

    They are supposed to be backwards so they will print frontward. As the directions say, ‘they will be mirror images’. Hold them up to a mirror and you will see what they will look like on the onsies.

  • LiveFreeOrDieNH 6 Jun, 2012

    I am in the process of making this for a baby shower this Sunday. Definitely iron each onesie first. Use a stool to get up higher in order to press as hard as you can down onto the transfer when ironing. Also, I have found that 15-20 seconds is not nearly enough time to transfer the templete onto the onesies. I have a new, non-metal, iron and it is taking a good 30-40 seconds to transfer the template. TAKE YOUR TIME!

  • Rick Warner 2 Jun, 2012

    transfers I downloaded are backwards. is there a way to print them forward?

  • cfulhage 4 Apr, 2012

    Please help. Does anyone know how to change the template. Now that I know my daughter had a boy I want to use boy colors. I thought this would be easy so I waited to the last minute. Help

  • Culpeper General 8 Jan, 2012

    Hi there! Thanks guys for watching the show and trying out the project!! Every printer is different, so the colors will be different...if you are totally unhappy send me a message at, and I will send you the numbers you are unhappy with in the mail!

    The best place to buy the professional jet pro is form specialty graphics. They have low minimums and the price is great!

  • Flowershopgurl 7 Oct, 2011

    @GFoster, Can you please tell me where you were able to purchase the Jet Pro Iron Soft Stretch iron transfers at RETAIL? I could only find them online at Specialty Graphics Supply Inc.
    Any help to find retail rather than online order would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you so much!

  • katdawg1 2 Oct, 2011

    Unfortunately, when I printed out the images on regular paper, the colors were different; not as soft as the originals. Is there a certain way that my printer should be set up in order to get a truer color palette. For example the pink came out orange. Is it possible that ithe image will print differently on regular paper than on transfer paper? I used the high quality printer setting. Anyone have an answer?

  • GFoster 1 Oct, 2011

    After visiting three stores to get all the items, I made the
    t-shirts this morning., They came out wonderful. Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea. Unless you want a sense of accomplishment, order them already made. It actually cost me the same as ordering them.

  • janmccollum 1 Oct, 2011

    Thank you soooo much!

  • SteensCookies 30 Sep, 2011

    @janmccollum: The templates are there. Under "Tools and Materials" click on the blue months (1 to 4, 5 to 8) and it'll take you to the template.

  • janmccollum 30 Sep, 2011

    Are the templates on the website for the Numbered Baby Bodysuits? I can not find them. Thanks.