Bird's Nest Candy Dish

We like sesame candy because it resembles birdseed. You can use any candy you like; just be certain it comes in a wrapper.

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Floral wire

  • Spanish moss

  • Tea-dyed goose and duck eggshells

  • Loose feathers

  • Candy

  • Paintbrush

  • Black acrylic craft paint



  1. Stack the wreaths for a dense-looking nest. Use wire to join them together. Fill the bottom of the nest with moss and scatter eggshells inside, some cracked and others whole.

  2. Scatter feathers in and around the nest. Fill the nest and some of the cracked shells with candy.

  3. Use paintbrush to apply paint to birds' heads; let dry. Arrange birds on and around the nest, using the wires on their feet to help them stand.


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