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Wriggling Snake Wreath

Dreadfully sophisticated and shockingly fun, this Halloween decoration hung on the front door gets the holiday off to a screaming start.

Photography: Ditte Isager

Source: Martha Stewart Living, October 2010


  • 18-inch grapevine wreath

  • Black acrylic paint

  • Toy snakes

  • Black water-based spray paint (Pictured: Water-based spray paint, in Shock Black by Montana Gold, $7.75,

  • 20-gauge floral wire

  • Wire cutters


  1. Paint grapevine wreath using water-based spray paint; let dry.

  2. Paint vinyl snakes in assorted shapes and sizes using acrylic paint; let dry. 

  3. Attach snakes to wreath: For flat snakes, twist floral wire around in two places, thread wire into wreath, and secure at back. Coiled snakes can simply be wrapped around wreath. 

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