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Petaled Collar Costume


You can use a collar instead of ribbon.

Resources: Wool felt, in Sun (#03), by Wollfilz; Velcro squares, 7/8 inches;



  1. Step 1

    Cut ribbon to fit loosely around your pet’s neck, with ends overlapping 1 inch.

  2. Step 2


    Print petal template or sunflower template. Trace the shape on the felt, and cut out petals. Fold them in half lengthwise, and stitch close to the fold, from the flat end to 2/3 of the way up; this will give the petals dimension. Stitch the petals to the ribbon, overlapping them by almost half. Add Velcro fasteners at the ends of the ribbon.

Reviews (7)

  • DoxieDonna 7 Sep, 2013

    Sorry that I didn't read through everything first before I read the comments......the patterns are now listed in the material supplies...both are PDF.

  • DoxieDonna 7 Sep, 2013

    The patterns are where the section of Pet Costume pictures are. I saw the pictures and downloaded the patterns before I got to this section of directions. I'll try to put the link here:

  • havin fun 2 Sep, 2013

    Neither petal or sunflower template is available!

  • LindaB-WA 2 Sep, 2013


    Petal Template
    Or Sunflower Template

  • LindaB-WA 2 Sep, 2013

    Where the heck is the Petal Template. Your webmaster is falling down on the job. Too many of your sites are missing information or files. Please fix. This is frustrating!

  • robinkc 9 Oct, 2011

    @ sam1951: I had the same problem with the petal template but tried the link in the body of the directions and that one worked. I was able to access the sunflower from the "Tools and Materials" section.

  • sam1951 4 Oct, 2011

    Can anyone access the sunflower template? I only get an error message "404 Not Found ----------nginx" when I click on the link. I have been trying for over two weeks now and am frustrated as I want to make this for Halloween. The other template works when I click on it but I don't want that one.