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  • Batik T-Shirts

    Batik T-Shirts

    Decorate children's T-shirts using the ancient art of batik, a wax-resist dyeing technique, with...

  • Photo Centerpiece

    Photo Centerpiece

    Learn how to make party centerpieces that display your favorite photos.

  • Candles 101

    Candles 101

    The tools and methods used for candle making have changed very little over several thousand...

  • Translucent Pumpkins

    Translucent Pumpkins

    By paring away the skin and only part of the flesh rather than carving all the way through, the...

  • Pumpkin Snake

    Pumpkin Snake

    To complete her front-door Halloween display, Martha assembles a row of pumpkins, mimicking the...

  • Sand Candles

    Sand Candles

    One of the best sources for distinctive candles may be your own home. With a few easy-to-find...

  • Assembly Line Gifts

    Assembly Line Gifts

    It can be difficult to think of gift ideas that are both original and meaningful, especially...

  • Glass Menorah

    Glass Menorah

    For Hanukkah, set out a menorah composed of mini bottles clad in ribbon. ...

  • Whimsical Wax Creations

    Whimsical Wax Creations

    We could wax on about the many virtues of this wonderfully malleable substance, but what we...

  • Candle Creatures

    Candle Creatures

    To set a spooky mood this Halloween night, use a candle and a cardboard pattern to transform a...

  • Wax Vignettes

    Wax Vignettes

    For any of these projects, you need only master a few basic techniques. Find 8 1/2-by-16 3/4-...

  • Stacked Jacks

    Stacked Jacks

    Who knew a benign pumpkin patch could yield such other worldy creatures? Assume the role of Dr....

  • Dazzling Menorah
  • Stained Glass Pumpkins

    Stained Glass Pumpkins

    Soften and alter the stark light of a jack-o'-lantern's candle or bulb, or enhance unusual...

  • Haunted Halloween Village

    Haunted Halloween Village

    "Jack-o'-lantern" first referred to night watchmen who carried lanterns because there were no...

  • Cookie-Cutter Pumpkins

    Cookie-Cutter Pumpkins

    Since you're using cookie cutters to stamp out the designs, just about any shape you want can be...

  • Wax Snowflakes

    Wax Snowflakes

    Just like the real thing, no two of our wax snowflakes are exactly alike.

  • Snow Pillar
  • Wax Animals and Trees
  • Wax-Resist Egg Dyeing