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  • Gardening Tips and Information

    Gardening Tips and Information

    Martha Stewart shares gardening tips and information about flowers in her garden...

  • Summer Centerpieces

    Summer Centerpieces

    Impress your guests with one of our fresh ideas for outdoor centerpieces.

  • 60 Great Ideas for the Garden

    60 Great Ideas for the Garden

    Dress up your garden with colorful blooms, charming pots, and more.

  • Tomato Recipes

    Tomato Recipes

    Because they're easy to grow, tomatoes are the most common backyard garden crop. There are...

  • Rose Bouquets

    Rose Bouquets

    Symbolizing love, life, and fertility, flowers have been an integral part of weddings for almost...

  • Hanging Bird Basin
  • From My Home to Yours: Seed Starting

    From My Home to Yours: Seed Starting

    Martha's tips for starting seedlings.

  • Spring Bulb Arrangement

    Spring Bulb Arrangement

    With petite flowers dangling from high-reaching stems, Nectaroscordum siculum stretches out like a...

  • A-Frames


    This structure lets you grow more than one variety of tomato side by side, but its compact...

  • Strawberries


    Soft, delicate strawberries don't travel well, so they are usually shipped unripe, which means...

  • Growing Colorful Cosmos

    There is something comforting in a $1.49 plastic six-pack of cosmos seedlings or a paper packet...

  • Planting Lilies

    Planting Lilies

    Finding the perfect lily for your garden can be a problem. There are close to a hundred species...

  • Caring for the Midsummer Vegetable Garden

    Caring for the Midsummer Vegetable Garden

    After the planting, seed sowing, and continuous watering and weeding of your vegetable garden,...

  • Tomatoes


    All tomatoes fall into one of two categories: Indeterminate plants bear fruit continuously up...

  • Cucumbers


    A cucumber plant makes an excellent introduction to vegetable gardening for children, and the...

  • Summer Bulbs

    Summer Bulbs

    Like their spring-blooming counterparts, summer-flowering bulbs (as well as corms and tubers)...

  • Hydrangea Arrangement

    Hydrangea Arrangement

    By late summer, these hardy shrubs are bursting in riotous colors and textures. In this...

  • Herbs


    Even those with limited space can grow herbs. They are easy to cultivate and make great...

  • Twine-Star Supports

    Twine-Star Supports

    A terra-cotta pot paired with these supports is ideal for determinate tomatoes, which don't grow...

  • Summer Arrangement with Chris

    Summer Arrangement with Chris

    Summer blooms offer a perfect opportunity for informal arrangements -- an effect that appears...