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  • How to Make Miniature Animals From Rocks

    How to Make Miniature Animals From Rocks

    Martha Stewart invites staff member Jody Levine to make cute little animal critters from...

  • Handmade Stone Planter

    Handmade Stone Planter

    Martha Stewart and actor Anthony Anderson create a beautiful and easy handmade stone...

  • Japanese Ikebana, Part 1

    Japanese Ikebana, Part 1

    Martha Stewart introduces guest Marcia Gay Harden and they make Japanese style Ikebana...

  • Japanese Ikebana, Part 2

    Japanese Ikebana, Part 2

    Martha Stewart and guest Marcia Gay Harden finish Ikebana flower arrangements.

  • 60 Beach Ideas

    60 Beach Ideas

    Our best beach ideas for summer, whether you're lounging by the shore, or just inspired by its...

  • Sticks and Stones: Alphabet Letter Signs

    Jera and her husband, Brad, started their company in 2005. Jera is a true "Mom Entrepreneur,"...

  • How to Make Stone Planters

    How to Make Stone Planters

    Make your own stunning planter using stones and cement.

  • Seashell and Pebble Sprayed Stationery

    Seashell and Pebble Sprayed Stationery

    Decorate stationery, postcards, or a travel journal using tokens collected on a recent trip. Lay...

  • Rock Crafts

    Rock Crafts

    A creative way for kids to use the stones they stumble across is to turn them into animals,...

  • Jungle Diorama

    Jungle Diorama

    Conceiving a diorama is an adventure in scale and spatial relationships. Choose a container,...

  • No-Good Frogs

    No-Good Frogs

    These frogs are up to no good. They're trying to look nonchalant, but as anyone can see, their...

  • Stone Spa Mat

    Stone Spa Mat

     This mat was created by taping together several smaller stone...

  • Felted Stone Paperweight

    Felted Stone Paperweight

    For artful paperweights, smooth stones are wrapped with colorful string or felted with brightly...

  • Stone and Rock Decorating Ideas

    Stone and Rock Decorating Ideas

    The rounded shape and smooth texture of rocks and stones make them an ideal decorative accent....

  • Animal Instincts

    Animal Instincts

    Ever put a koala in your pocket? Or balanced a puppy on your finger? Whether you fancy friendly...

  • Nature Crafts for Kids

    Nature Crafts for Kids

    Let young crafters take inspiration from their natural surroundings. With a little imagination,...

  • Eco-Kid Projects

    Eco-Kid Projects

    Back-to-school time is ideal to teach kids the values of wasting less. Our eco-minded crafts and...

  • Rock Crafts

    Rock Crafts

    With just a few supplies -- paint, glue, and clay -- children can transform the stones they...

  • Tic-Tac-Towel
  • Rock Animals

    Rock Animals

    Study the shape and shade of a rock for clues to its inner nature. When you are ready to design...