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  • Basement Organization

    Basement Organization

    Martha chats about the launch of a new pets channel on, and offers some tips on...

  • Outfitting Your Closet

    Outfitting Your Closet

    Three smart strategies. (One's sure to suit you.)

  • Organizing the Basement

    Organizing the Basement

    The first step to organizing the basement is to take a...

  • Clever Office: Shared Space

    Clever Office: Shared Space

    It can be a challenge to create a desk that’s roomy enough for one person, let alone two. This...

  • Storing Quilts

    Storing Quilts

    To protect your heirloom quilt when it's not on display, store it in a cool place with good air...

  • Organizing Basement Shelves

    Organizing Basement Shelves

    When you last perused your closets or...

  • Preventing Mildew

    Preventing Mildew

    When it comes to mildew, prevention gives you the upper hand. So be sure to keep surfaces clean...

  • Rust-Free Tool Box

    Rust-Free Tool Box

    Battle rust-causing moisture with this surprising tool kit addition: charcoal briquettes. These...

  • Tips for Buying and Keeping Bulk Foods

    Tips for Buying and Keeping Bulk Foods

    Do you have room for two dozen rolls of paper towels? Here are tips for getting good deals, as...

  • Martha's Basement

    Martha's Basement

    Martha's basement is full of clever organizing ideas. Learn how to put them to use in your home...

  • Tool Care 101

    Tool Care 101

    While you wouldn't forget to wash your hands after working in...

  • Checking the Fuse Box

    Checking the Fuse Box

    Checking a fuse or circuit breaker needn't be an aerobic exercise. Instead of jogging between...

  • Martha's Basement

    Martha's Basement

    Take a peek into Martha's basement and learn how she stays so organized. Use her ideas and you can...

  • Flashlight on the Fuse Box

    Flashlight on the Fuse Box

    When you blow a fuse, it's frustrating to have to fumble around in the dark to find the right...

  • Labeling Pipes

    Labeling Pipes

    Dropping temperatures can cause pipes to freeze and burst. If you label the main shutoff valves...

  • Healthy Bulk Packaging Tips

    Healthy Bulk Packaging Tips

    There are plenty of good reasons to buy food and other items in bulk: You'll pay less in the...

  • Set Up a Basket for Charity

    Set Up a Basket for Charity

    Throughout the year, encourage family members to set aside clothes that they no longer need so...

  • Safety Step Markers

    Safety Step Markers

    Make sure the basement stairs are always visible by adding fluorescent stripes to the treads....

  • Clothespin Labels

    Clothespin Labels

    Upgrade storage containers without a messy succession of sticky or peeling labels. Tags made...

  • Work-Shelf Ledge

    Work-Shelf Ledge

    A simple piece of trim ensures that you'll never have to worry about a screwdriver, a nail, or a...