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CFA Pedigreed Breed: Norwegian Forest Cat

Bright emerald-green eyes with a band of gold. Long flowing hair. Sweet-expressioned faces. Jaunty ear and toe trimmings. Each time you see a Norwegian Forest Cat is a feast for the eyes. Each time you touch their spun-silk soft coats is a delight to the fingertips.

These are the cats that explored the world with the Vikings, protecting the grain stores on land and sea, and which are believed to have left their progeny on the shores of North America as a legacy to the future.

These lovely cats are really two for the price of one, as they can differ so greatly in looks from summer to winter. Sometime in the spring they take off their "winter underwear," the downy undercoat that provides warmth, and the long nontangling outer guardhairs that act as protection from rain and snow. The contrast can be quite extreme.

These cats are designed by Mother Nature. They appear in coats of most colors, from pure white to deepest coal black, with every possible coat pattern and color combination in between. Despite the breed's long coat, very little, if any, combing is required for nonshow cats, but is recommended during spring shedding.

Norwegian Forest Cats are among the most people-oriented cats. Of course, their personalities vary depending upon the type of home in which they spend their early kittenhood. As with any other breed, a kitten handled and petted by many loving people from birth and exposed to children, cats, and dogs will be different from one born and raised in an isolated area with limited human contact.

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