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CFA Pedigreed Breed: Exotic

As spectators at the show walk by the cage, they look quizzically at the cat and say, “It looks like a Persian, but it has short hair. The sign says Exotic. Exotic what?!”

For busy people who like the look of a Persian but don’t have time for the daily grooming demands, the Exotics are the best-kept secret of the cat fancy. They are bred to meet the Persian standard in every way with one very special exception: They have a thick, dense, plush, short coat.

Over the years, as the type and coat have changed, so has the personality of the Exotic: Their temperament has become more and more Persian-like. Exotics have a quiet, endearing nature. Their voices are seldom heard. They are easygoing and not much seems to disturb them. In general, they are extremely affectionate. They quietly beg for your attention by just sitting in front of you with an irresistible look focused on your eyes.

An Exotic is very comfortable to have in your home. They give you privacy and are not constantly demanding attention. They will, however, quietly follow you from room to room just to be nearby. They are just as playful and fun-loving as other breeds. They will jump until exhausted trying to catch a toy on a stick, or they will sit and carefully study how to get the toy down from the top of the bookcase where it was placed when you stopped playing with them.

Adorable to look at, peaceful, and clean -- what more could you ask for? The Exotic is really the best of both worlds.

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