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CFA Pedigreed Breed: American Bobtail

At first glance, you are sure that you have just seen a bobcat. You slowly turn, and your gaze falls upon this magnificent and untamed-looking creature. The American Bobtail is one of America’s own, a breed to be proud of. Its wildcat look, combined with its full domesticity and pleasing personality, is a credit to all the breeders who have devoted the time, effort, and energy into shaping this remarkable breed.

American Bobtails are loving, kind, and incredibly intelligent cats. They are noted for their doglike personalities and their devotion to their owners. They easily adapt to a busy or quiet environment. American Bobtails bond with their family: They get along well with most dogs and have a welcome spot in their hearts for newcomers, whether they are two- or four-legged. Long-haul truck drivers have purchased them as cabin companions because they are known to be good travelers if introduced to it at a young age.

American Bobtails are excellent companions for children and do not mind being carried around like a sack of potatoes. They interact well with people of all ages and serve a great purpose in the family home as a major source of entertainment, due to their clownlike personalities. They are known for their love of games and can play fetch or hide and seek for hours on end. They will often initiate a game and can be very persistent until you play with them. They are basically quiet cats in voice; however, they do trill, chirp, and click when delighted. They are easily leash-trained and love to go for walks. Not technically thieves, the American Bobtail’s love of shiny objects makes it necessary to keep jewelry boxes closed -- and even locked.

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