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Swarovski Crystal-Embellished Handbag


Add a sparkling touch to your spring style by embellishing a handbag with Swarovski crystals -- it's an easy-to-make accessory that moves effortlessly from day to night, says fashion designer Silvia Tcherassi.

Resources: Kandi's Crystal Crafter heated applicator available from Crystallized Elements available from Swarovski; Sylvia uses size SS16/4MM for her bags.


  • Bag or purse
  • Hot-fix crystal applicator
  • Swarovski Crystallized Elements


  1. Step 1

    Select bag or purse and desired color palette of Swarovski Crystallized Elements.

  2. Step 2

    Fit hot-fix crystal applicator with appropriate-size tip for your Crystallized Elements and preheat.

  3. Step 3

    Place Crystallized Elements on your work surface with the adhesive side facing downward.

  4. Step 4

    With applicator in a vertical position, use a light touch to pick up a Crystallized Element in the tip of the applicator.

  5. Step 5

    Place the Crystallized Element on the bag or purse as desired, and hold in place for about a second to ensure the element will adhere securely.

  6. Step 6

    Continue to embellish as desired, being sure to complete one color before starting on another.

The Martha Stewart Show, May 2011

Reviews (6)

  • roadrunner157 6 Jun, 2011

    Very beautiful craft. I use the crystals to embellish ballroom dresses. Do let the crystals set for more than one second. Also, they are not cheap. This will be an expensive craft to make purses like the ones shown.

  • DGIT 6 Jun, 2011

    Where can the bags (or similar) be purchased? And yes, make sure those crystals are on tight.

  • ImaSewandsew 6 Jun, 2011

    You better be ready to let that crystal set for more than a second, unless you've let it heat for about 10-15 already... unless you want them all to fall off the first time you use your bag!!! Great idea, though, for anyone who wants a little BLING in their lives... and who doesn't???

  • niaggi 19 May, 2011

    Do you know where to get the crystals?

  • nswnwyo 7 May, 2011

    no joke crafty5, i can usually find anything online but i am having a hard time finding them myself. i found one on amazon for $90 then i found a lovely site, with wonderful bags and hats as well but minimum order was 20 bags, i was thinking maybe 2 or 3 then i saw the hats and i thought maybe a couple of hats to match my new bags i'll have to keep looking. did anyone else check out how much those bags are?!? not my price range

  • crafty5 6 May, 2011

    where can we get the plain mochilas to decorate ourselves?