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Lovebird Cookies

Let love take flight this Valentine's Day with a batch of beautiful bird sugar cookies from Sweet Dani B owner Dani Fiori. For a guide to decorating your cookies, download the Lovebird Cookie template.

  • Yield: Makes 1 cookie
Lovebird Cookies

Photography: David E. Steele

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, February 2011


  • Dani Fiori's Royal Icing
  • Georgia peach or rose-pink gel paste food coloring
  • 1 5-inch Lovebird Sugar Cookie Cutout
  • Violet and rose-pink or red gel paste food coloring
  • Fondant hearts or Sweethearts candies
  • Gumdrops or Cupid Corn
  • Red hots or jellybeans
  • Candy heart
  • Candy confetti rounds or candy dots


  1. Mix together some of the royal icing with peach or rose food coloring until desired shade is reached. Transfer to a small squirt bottle with a wide tip. Leaving 1/4-inch border, outline the cookie with colored icing. Draw several zigzags across entire surface of the outlined area. If necessary, use a toothpick to spread evenly.

  2. Mix together some of the royal icing with violet and rose-pink or red food coloring until desired shade is reached. Draw 3 lines horizontally across the body of the bird. Using a clean toothpick, lightly drag across the lines five times, alternating directions, to create a "feather" pattern.

  3. Use the fondant hearts or Sweethearts candies to form eyes, the gumdrops or Cupid Corn to form a beak, the red hots or jellybeans for the feet, and place a candy heart in the center of cookie. Place a small dot of royal icing in the center of each eye. Arrange the candy confetti or dots to form the pupil of the eye. Let cookie dry completely before packaging.

Reviews (20)

  • creativebaking 25 Jan, 2013

    I noticed the recipe didn't include the name of the edible markers used in the video: FooDoodlers! Love these guys.

  • cakegirl4 5 Mar, 2011

    the owl cutter is available on search dani b and it will pop up. They just came out with it so it is of course after valentines day :(

  • Since1982 3 Mar, 2011

    Sorry I didn't have better news.

  • Since1982 3 Mar, 2011

    Krissyd29: The 5" owl cutter is from the Halloween Cookie Cutters, Set II that was sold through the Martha by Mail catalog. (Set I has been reproduced and sold through Martha's line at Macy's but set I doesn't include the owl.) The old cookie cutters sets are periodically available on eBay but if you really want to find the one that includes the owl, you'll have to be diligent about checking and you may end up paying a LOT for it.

  • Sippie 4 Feb, 2011

    Does anyone know where I can find the cookie cutter owl with outstretched wings ?
    Esmimi, you can find the others here,

  • esmimi 4 Feb, 2011

    I would like to find the exact 5 inch cookie cutter for the owl--the one with the flat bottom.

  • OkieMom 3 Feb, 2011


  • ArabellaCat 3 Feb, 2011

    This is the website that also has the acorn cookie cutter that is shown on the Sweet Dani B website.

  • milescmom 2 Feb, 2011

    Found the sugar cookie recipe. Go to the search bar and type in sugar cookie recipe for lovebird cookies. Simple recipe

  • milescmom 2 Feb, 2011

    Where is the sugar cookie recipe?
    Thank you

  • hulafairy 2 Feb, 2011

    This icing is wonderful! I live in Kona, HI and it works well even with all the humidity here!

  • momjenbree 2 Feb, 2011

    were is the recipe for the cookies?

  • momjenbree 2 Feb, 2011

    were is the recipe for the cookies all is see is the icing recipe

  • steetoa 1 Feb, 2011

    I just bought a cutter (3" - the 5" one from karen's was out of stock), the gel paste electric colors, and squeeze bottles from countrykitchensa [dot] com - prices seem decent. I'm very excited to do this project! :)

  • hcrossn 1 Feb, 2011

    You can order the frosting bottles here

  • mistio 1 Feb, 2011

    The recipes for both icing and cookies are above in the links provided...(I have my glasses on now) lol.

  • mistio 1 Feb, 2011

    Where is the cookie recipe?? The icing recipe would be great too!

  • sgails 1 Feb, 2011

    Where can I order the squirt frosting bottles seen on todays show?

  • RubysMaesMom 1 Feb, 2011 has a cute one for $1.50 and a bunch of cool decorating items as well!

  • krissyd29 1 Feb, 2011

    where can i purchase the 5 inch owl cutter?

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