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Vintage Postcard Treat Box

The Martha Stewart Show, April 2011

Package Easter treats in whimsical boxes decorated with vintage postcard designs reminiscent of holidays past.

Tools and Materials

Treat Box How-To
1. Download templates (7 box sleeves and 1 inner box), increase size by 125 percent, and print out on 100-pound-weight cardstock of desired color. Be sure to print one inner box template per box sleeve template printed.

2. With scissors or a craft knife, cut along all solid lines.

3. Using a ruler and bone folder, score both templates along dotted lines. Be sure also to score along both edges of the postcard clip art on box sleeve.

4. Fold along all scored lines.

5. With double-sided tape, create box sleeve by connecting end tabs. To create inner box, use double-sided tape to secure flaps on either end.

6. Fill inner box with Easter grass and candy as desired, and insert into box sleeve.

The 100-pound-weight cardstock is available from Paper Presentation. Bone folder available from Martha Stewart Crafts.

Comments (25)

  • timtex 31 Mar, 2012

    I used the Google Chrome browser to download these, because it lets you see the download status. It took 10-15 minutes for each file, but I was able to get them all, even though it took most of the day.

  • Sandra_Rose 8 Nov, 2011

    are you aware that the inside box template is over 140 mb
    And there are no color images on the inside box, just fold and cut lines.

  • lilimarlene 26 Apr, 2011

    The downloads are still not working. Please fix. Thank you.

  • MSLO_Sara 26 Apr, 2011

    We have broken the box sleeves into 7 individual templates to make downloading easier. Please note that in order to maintain image quality, these templates are still large files and may take a few minutes to download.

  • Sakura401 26 Apr, 2011

    I tried to download these and just received an error message. :(

  • stellarstamper 25 Apr, 2011

    After trying for 4 days to download the 7 box sleeves, I finally gave up. It's such an adorable Easter project and I'm really sad that I wasn't able to download it.

  • KarenMO 24 Apr, 2011

    This is Easter night, and I just downloaded these templates, but the template file did take a long time--I'd say more like 10 minutes to download, and the file stayed black until the file completed, so the only thing indicating that anything was going on was the download bar. And I did double click to download. Good luck!

  • SaritaC 23 Apr, 2011

    I love this project but experiencing the same problems. Could this file be split up so the project can be downloaded and we can pick the boxes we want? I have spent the morning downloading and when it is finally done, the download will not open.

  • grapesncorn 23 Apr, 2011

    To Tehcnical support:

    Technical Problem: these 2 pdf templates from the april 21 vintage treat box show are too large, should not be 999MB! Please fix the problem and let us know. Thanks!

  • DAY1016 23 Apr, 2011

    I have tried everthing I know how to get these boxes and I am starting to think that this is a joke. I am glad for the ladies who did get this. My pc locks and disconnects for not being used for so long.

  • lottietoo 22 Apr, 2011

    Someone there might care to know that Paper Presentation does not carry 100-pound-weight cardstock.

  • queenoftoast 22 Apr, 2011

    Right click on the link and 'save link as'. The file is 999mb? Ridiculous, there is no reason why a file like this is so big.

  • pomaroy 22 Apr, 2011

    I'm having the same issue. Please help!

  • kitkatdiggs1 22 Apr, 2011

    I've been trying for hours. It starts off fine and then adobe crashes. No problems with any other downloads.

  • zred4 22 Apr, 2011

    I have been trying to download all day and everytime I do my computer locks up. Please fix.

  • Shari_Kay 22 Apr, 2011

    I am having the same problem downloading. I get a black screen and I've waited 30 mins and nothing yet. Very frustrating.

  • BGault 22 Apr, 2011

    Love this craft idea, wish there were templates for all of the holidays.

  • Golfjane 22 Apr, 2011

    Just checked the screen again and its now downloading. This took about 5 minutes to even start so I guess patience is the word of the day.

  • Golfjane 22 Apr, 2011

    II'm having the very same problem...just the black screen. Walked away and made the bed and it still has not downloaded. Usually there's no problem getting downloands.

  • vilmsie 22 Apr, 2011

    PLEASE fis this template so we can print them out before Easter is over????

  • jaydec 22 Apr, 2011

    Double click on the template and it should start loading immediately. The file is huge so it takes some time but I just did it without any problem.

  • jaydec 22 Apr, 2011

    I just downloaded the file. It is very big and takes some time. I double clicked on the template and it started loading immediately.

  • dorisnauman 22 Apr, 2011

    I'm having the same results - no templates, just a black screen. silverlake.

  • zred4 22 Apr, 2011

    I would love to download the templates but they are not showing up when you open the download page. My computer is fine. Is anyone else having this problem? Hope it gets fixed right away!

  • Sydney55 22 Apr, 2011

    I am having trouble downloading the templates. Can you help?