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Eight Jar-Made Dressings

Martha Stewart Living, April 2011

No whisks, no blenders. For sublime homemade salad toppings of all kinds, give these eight jar-made dressings a spin.

Take a walk down the condiment aisle of any grocery store and you'll find bottle upon bottle of salad dressing. It's easy to reach for the typical balsamic vinaigrette or honey-Dijon. But it's nearly as easy to whip together inspired blends built on the freshest ingredients, and you can do it in less time than it takes to spin the salad greens. Throw the components in a jar (or any other container with a lid), and give the mix several good shakes. In less than a minute, you'll have a new dressing to drizzle. Making your own means getting to tinker with favorite flavors (buttermilk-ranch, miso) and having go-to combinations when cravings (blue cheese!) strike. Leftovers can be refrigerated right in the jar. They'll stay fresh for three days, ready to dress up the next leafy ensemble.

The Dressings

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