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Caramel Syrup for Gingerbread House


This recipe is used to make our Swedish Gingerbread House, Gingerbread Facade, and Snow-Swept Gingerbread Cottage.


  • 1 1/3 cups sugar
  • 3/4 cup water


  1. Bring sugar and the water to a boil in a medium saucepan; reduce heat, and simmer until thickened and light brown, about 10 minutes. Use immediately.

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  • MS11007751
    24 DEC, 2015
    I just made this after reading the reviews. I started with just the sugar but got impatient waiting for it to melt so i added 1-2 TBS of water just enough to moisten the sugar simmered for 10 minutes and it worked like a charm! The walls were instantly glued together no waiting for the royal icing to harden wich is awesome.
  • Aileen Cox Blundell
    22 DEC, 2012
    The template is great on this but the actual recipe for the gingerbread is terrible. Doesn't taste like gingerbread at all. In fact, I made 2 of the houses, baked them, tasted the bread and binned the lot. Better off trying a more spiced bread in my opinion.
  • Zarah Karlsson
    19 DEC, 2012
    As nanners56 says, just melt the sugar, do not add water! I am from sweden myself and I have never heard about adding water to the syrup "glue".
  • becabigail
    30 DEC, 2010
    i used the recipe as inspiration for my gravity-defying house design. i wanted something more edible than royal icing, but this recipe really requires corn syrup to work. i boiled 1 part sugar, 1/2 part water, 1/3 part corn syrup and a little orange flavoring until it reached hard-crack (300*). i had help brushing
  • MS11145098
    22 DEC, 2010
    This syrup doesn't work at all. I cooked it until it became a hard mess. I ended up using Elmer's School Glue and allowing each piece to dry for several hours. The end result was great!
  • nanners56
    16 DEC, 2009
    The caramel syrup doesn't work! TRY THIS: Melt sugar only (no water) in pan on med-low. It melts and browns fast. Don't over cook it! Works great but very hot! Also, the roof could stand to be a little wider. I would add at least another 1/2-1 inch next time.
  • sol
    16 DEC, 2009
    Use the templates to make the house and chimney pieces, as directed. Cut out two 6 1/2-by-7 1/2-inch pieces of dough for the roof.
  • bellaruby
    13 DEC, 2009
    I am making the cottage and had to make another batch of dough to get everything cut out. I am not used to making things like this, so that is probably operator error. However, the caramel syrup is taking a lot longer than 10 minutes to thicken up and brown. I wonder why that is. Does the type of pan make the difference? I have the say the recipe for the dough is excellent!
  • kris_hw
    12 DEC, 2009
    The store bought caramel candies will probably not set strong enough to hold your gingerbread house together, they have dairy and some additives that soften it so best to use the sugar-water mix in the recipe.
  • quantoot
    8 DEC, 2009
    I am so frustrated. First the pattern did not have a roof piece. Then the sugar syrup did not work the way the instructions describe. Completely runny, then even when reduced, didnt work to stick the pieces together. Now I am using royal icing and that's not working either. The whole project is about to go in the bin.