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Don't bake these rich double-chocolate cookies to a crisp; they are meant to be soft and chewy.

Source: Everyday Food, September 2003
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Cook's Notes

Don't worry if the batter seems thin. It should look more like a brownie batter than a cookie dough. Cookies can be stored in an airtight container at room temperature for two to three days.

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  • sugarmama777
    16 MAY, 2019
    i couldnt beleive how good these turned out.Im used to doing cookies with a very doughey batter. When i finished mixing all my cookie ingredients and saw how liquidy and gooey my batter turned out i panicked! it looked more like a cake batter! but just have faith and trust the pros sometimes...its possibly the best cookies ive done so chewy and yum yum staright to the tum!
  • ALR8661739DW
    30 NOV, 2018
    I have made these cookies with pecan pieces & Nestles salted caramel chips instead of the extra chocolate chunks. Always a hit. My son and his friends scarf these up. I make them ahead of Christmas by chilling dough, scooping them with an ice cream scooper and freezing them in ziploc bags.
  • overarc
    21 DEC, 2017
    I followed the recipe exactly, they came out wonderful! I used Plugra unsalted butter at room temp., for the melting chocolate I used Scharffen Berger 70%, for the chunks I used half Scharffen Berger and half Nestle semi sweet chips. I was confused about the beating the eggs to light and fluffy. I beat for about 2 minutes and added my melted chocolate, mine was still warm as I didn't see the review about cooling it; seemed to be fine. My dough was not really thin, it was more gooey and sticky. I baked for 12 min. and made sure to rotate 1/2 way through. They came out just like the picture! They are rich, I think I'll enjoy them with a glass of port, hubby will enjoy with milk.
    • MS12543826
      28 NOV, 2018
      Thank you!
    • overarc
      22 DEC, 2017
      I just made another batch with store brand salted butter, still great cookie!
  • KarenTriezenbe
    12 OCT, 2018
    Oh, I totally have a new favorite cookie recipe! (And I'm awfully good at baking cookies.) I did take the excellent advice of those who came before and followed directions exactly, with the addition of some chopped walnuts, which are standard procedure with me. I also found the dough far less sticky and troublesome after resting in the fridge for a day. I baked them 13 minutes and may try to add an extra minute to the next batch, but I did enjoy the gooey center, so the jury's still out. Wonderful chocolate explosion in each bite!
  • sekaieikou
    8 APR, 2018
    Cookies are perfect and have made these several times. It helps to melt the chocolate over double broiler over very low heat. It also helps to place the dough in the fridge for about an hour to firm it up. I then shape them into small balls and place them on parchment paper and let them firm up again in the fridge. Place them in ziplock bags in the freezer and bake whenever I need them.
    • sekaieikou
      8 APR, 2018
      typo...I meant double boiler
  • MS10310508
    8 MAR, 2018
    OMG! I’m in love! These are my new favorite cookie. My batch came out perfectly. They were chocolately, fudgey, with slightly crisp, shiny tops. What more could you want?
  • tristahogan
    27 FEB, 2018
    I loved this recipe and so did my classmates, I make them about once a week in one of my baking classes. one problem I did have were the fats separating in the oven. but thats easily fixed by mixing longer.
  • dressmaker1
    19 FEB, 2018
    Delicious and rich and moist and chocolatey. My alterations: I added a lot of toasted walnuts. I suggest baking one cookie by itself at first so you can determine how long to bake it for proper results. I overbaked (burnt) the first tray because it was so hard to tell if the cookies were done or not. Also, if you refrigerate the dough, it will firm up a great deal, and you should know that the chilled dough will not spread in the over, so shape the dough in the shape and thickness you want the baked cookie to be. Overall this is a delicious recipe that I will make again.
  • mbkreger
    7 JUL, 2017
    This is one of my favorite cookie recipes. I've made them several times, and they always turn out great, and I get lots of requests for the recipe. Here's my super-secret tip for getting cookies that look just like the picture: READ and FOLLOW the instructions. I find the comments below stating "The batter was runny. I had to add more flour to make it more like a cookie dough" to be very frustrating. The recipe specifically states the batter will be thin. When the cookies are prepared following the instructions, the resulting cookies have a wonderful, unusual texture. If you add extra flour, you're altering the not only the texture, but also the taste of the cookies. By the way, if your cookies turned out grey and bland, you used poor-quality chocolate. Chocolate features quite prominently in the recipe. If you use good-quality chocolate, you are obviously going to get a better-tasting cookie. If your cookies turned out "thin and burnt", that's entirely on you. Almost all of the negative reviews below are due to a lack of reading comprehension, an inability to follow directions, or an inexperienced baker. Also, it's been said many times, but some people still don't get it. If you are reviewing a recipe, review the original recipe as written, not the mess that you made by altering it beyond recognition. I have no problem with tweaking recipes to your own tastes, and I even enjoy learning the creative changes other cooks have made to the recipe and how they turned out. I, myself, like to use this recipe as the base for Black Forest cookies by adding cherries, cherry brandy, and some almond flour. However, the rating of the recipe should always reflect the results of following the original recipe.
    • montgomery6321667
      1 JAN, 2018
      I TOTALLY AGREE!!! These are the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie... My mother used to tell me that’s why she didn’t like sharing her recipes, because if it doesn’t turn out right, they blame you. GREAT RECIPE! GREAT COOKIES!!!
    • scpisias
      12 NOV, 2017
      Excellent wise advice
    • avon28539
      5 AUG, 2017
      I agree, nothing irritates me more than reading a "review" of a recipe from someone who did not make the recipe, just made a bunch of changes. That is NOT reviewing THE recipe, that is putting in your 2 tablespoons worth...the second most annoying reviews are not even reviews, just comments like "oh they look great, I'll have to make them." Or other things. Jeez. lol
  • sjgimbel
    3 DEC, 2017
    Love it, super chocolatey !!!

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