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Caramelized Lemon Tart


Like a creme brulee, this dessert has crunchy caramelized sugar on top. But a silky lemon filling is below, chilled in a crisp tart shell made with pate sucree.

  • Yield: Makes one 12-inch tart

Source: Martha Stewart Living, April/May 1992


  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice, strained
  • 12 large egg yolks
  • Zest of 2 lemons
  • 1/2 pound (2 sticks) unsalted butter, cut into pieces
  • 1 recipe Pate Sucree for Caramelized Lemon Tart
  • Sugar for caramelizing top


  1. Place sugar and lemon in a large stainless-steel bowl. Push yolks through a sieve into bowl, and whisk to combine.

  2. Set bowl over a pot of simmering water, and stir slowly until mixture thickens, 15 to 20 minutes. Cook 5 minutes longer.

  3. Remove bowl from heat, and stir in zest. Stir in butter piece by piece until completely melted. Pour into cooled tart shell. Chill until firm, at least 1 hour.

  4. Preheat broiler. Remove outer ring from tart pan, and place pan on a large cookie sheet. Place outer ring upside down on top to protect pastry from burning.

  5. Sift sugar evenly over top, and place under broiler. Watch carefully; remove tart when top is evenly browned.

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  • TAmom
    14 APR, 2009
    i followed this recipe to the letter