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Potato-Chive Pancake


Crisp wedges of a potato pancake make for a pleasant break from routine side dishes.

  • Prep:
  • Total Time:
  • Servings: 4

Source: Everyday Food, October 2008


  • 1 bag (16 ounces) frozen hash brown potatoes, thawed
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh chives or scallions
  • Coarse salt and ground pepper
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil


  1. Place potatoes between paper towels; press to remove excess moisture. Transfer potatoes and chives to a medium bowl. Season with salt and pepper, and toss to combine.

  2. In a medium nonstick skillet, heat oil over medium. Add potato mixture; press with a heatproof spatula to flatten and form into one even pancake. Cook until underside is golden brown, 10 to 15 minutes. Slide pancake onto a plate; invert onto a second plate. Slide pancake (browned side up) back into skillet. Continue to cook until underside is golden brown, 10 to 15 minutes more. Slice into wedges before serving.

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  • fongsuzannegm
    25 MAR, 2017
    A good idea, but mine was limp on the inside and just sort of fell apart. I don't think the insides were cooked thoroughly. If I try again, I will thaw them longer and also make sure to press the pancake shape together so that it stays as one cohesive piece that cooks thoroughly.
  • MS12076064
    19 OCT, 2016
    Can you use fresh shredded potatoes instead of frozen?
  • MS10410484
    21 AUG, 2013
    These are delicious. They taste just like sour cream and chive potato chips. I was patient and let them cook over medium as the recipe states, and it flipped absolutely perfect - all in one big piece.