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Easy Basic Pancakes


Nothing says "weekend" like homemade pancakes for breakfast. Our easy pancake recipe will help you whip up this weekend favorite in less than 30 minutes. You'll wonder why you never tried this before!

Source: Everyday Food, September 2006
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  • grant3mn
    20 SEP, 2017
    These pancakes were too salty and needed to be a bit more fluffy. I'd suggest adding some vanilla or less salt, and yes i only added 1/2 tsp. I used olive oil like it suggested aswell. Overall just a big disappointment
  • heathertoma
    19 SEP, 2017
    these really are just perfect pancakes. I used white whole wheat pastry flour and started with 3/4 cup milk (I used goat milk) and added a little more, but not a full cup. many scratch pancake recipes wind up seeming slightly rubbery - these were just right. the recipe called for more sugar than I thought was right, but they tasted (and browned) amazing. the recipe made 5 medium (5" or 6") pancakes.
  • dilmera1601
    14 AUG, 2017
    Previous attempt with another recipe was a disaster. This recipe made the perfect, fluffiest pancakes and now I am wondering if these pancakes were better than the ones I had at a cafe. I must say you have nailed the ingredients and the timing. I will try them again soon. Thanks for the recipe.
  • marieD413
    23 JUL, 2017
    Why did we preheat the oven to 200 degrees??
  • yozhik74yahoo
    15 JUL, 2017
    AMAZING!! Very easy to make! Fluffy and tasty! Thank you from all of us ♥♥♥♥.
  • saintjon76vaao
    6 JUL, 2017
    Best pancake recipe ever! Very easy to make. No hassles of separating eggs and folding in beaten egg whites. Came out perfectly fluffy and tasty!
  • brighidb22
    29 JUN, 2017
    I really don't know how I feel about these pancakes. They were very blan and at first very thin. I added chocolate chips and a little bit more flour to make them thicker and sweeter and THATS when they turned out great. I really do recommended adding flour and some kind of sweet topping!!
  • dukea88
    26 JUN, 2017
    These pancakes were great! I did modify the recipe a little bit, adding a 1/2 tsp of vanilla and using almond milk, came out fantastic!
  • abysswalker99
    11 JUN, 2017
    These were by a wide margin the worst pancakes I've ever had. They came out crepe thin, dense/rubbery, and flavorless. And before anyone asks; yes, I used fresh baking powder, I am familiar with the effects of over mixing pancake batter s I mixed the batter just enough to make everything wet, and I cook on medium low heat, which is where just about any other pancake cooks perfectly on my stove. I ended up retrying the recipe and added about an extra half cup of flour, an extra egg, and vanilla, and lo and behold they were fine. Cooked up fairly thick and fluffy and actually had some taste to them. Maybe this is supposed to base batter that is easy to modify, hence the name of the recipe, but man, there needs to be a warning or something. As the recipe is listed these are just awful.
  • john110112
    8 JUN, 2017
    These were the best pancakes I've ever made. The first one I had to throw out because the skillet was not hot enough. The second one was golden brown on the edges as I added a bit of butter... After every couple of pancakes, added more butter to skillet. We topped with organic maple syrup and Devonshire cream. Thought we'd died and gone to Heaven. Bliss! The people who say this recipe didn't turn out is because you have to have your skillet hot, melt some butter, put the batter in slowly and not too thick. We are still raving about them! Omg, Amazing.

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