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Flower-Outline Lampshade How-To

Source: Martha Stewart Living, March 2011


We used a large shade for drama, but you can reproduce this idea on a small scale.


  • Botanical cuttings

  • Lamp and paper lampshade with stiff interior or plastic lining

  • Removable tape

  • Good-quality colored pencil


  1. Compose an overall pattern, and plot the spacing of botanical cuttings as desired.

  2. Adhere cuttings to the inside of shade with removable tape. Work in 1 small section at a time so as not to overheat and wilt the cuttings.

  3. Turn on light to illuminate the cuttings from behind.

  4. On outside of lampshade, outline cuttings with colored pencil. You may need to trace over the lines once or twice.

  5. Remove cuttings, and continue with the next section. Work your way around shade.

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