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Bird Talk with Amazons

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Many people keep parrots because they like to hear them talk. Most parrots can mimic to a certain extent, but some are definitely better than others. Following are some talking bird facts, courtesy of Marc Morrone. 

Bird Talk Facts 

  • Amazon and African gray parrots are good talkers and generally pick up the skill with ease.
  • Amazons -- especially the Blue Front, Yellow Nape, and Double Yellow Head species -- are known for their strong mimicking abilities, but not all Amazons will talk. Your bird is not defective if he won't call you by name.
  • The best way to teach your bird how to talk is to repeat the phrase you want her to learn. Eventually, the bird will mimic the sounds it hears.
  • The most important thing to remember before committing to any new pet is to do your research -- talking parrots make fun pets, but they have relatively demanding care requirements and a long life expectancy. 

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