Crepe Paper Carrots

Love your vegetables!

Crepe Paper Carrots

Photography: Kate Mathis

Source: Martha Stewart Living, April 2011


Made of wrapped paper streamers, these adorable little bundles are a twist on the crepe-paper surprise ball. As you unwind the paper, you find the trinkets -- jewelry, a novelty, a toy. It's simple to grow a basketful and customize them for guests of any age. Display them as a centerpiece or leave them by the door as favors.


  • Crepe streamers, in Apricot, Golden Yellow, and Orange

  • Green crepe paper, in Leaf Green

  • Hot-glue gun

  • Assorted small gifts


  1. Loosely wrap orange streamer to form carrot shape, making it thicker at top. Tuck in gifts as you work. [See image 2 above]. Press end of paper down into top.

  2. Fold green crepe paper in half across its grain. Download leaf template, and trace onto folded paper.

  3. Cut out; bunch up. Tuck leaves into carrot top; secure with dab of hot glue.


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