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Crepe Paper Carrots

Love your vegetables!




Made of wrapped paper streamers, these adorable little bundles are a twist on the crepe-paper surprise ball. As you unwind the paper, you find the trinkets -- jewelry, a novelty, a toy. It's simple to grow a basketful and customize them for guests of any age. Display them as a centerpiece or leave them by the door as favors.


  • Leaf template
  • Crepe streamers, in Apricot, Golden Yellow, and Orange
  • Green crepe paper, in Leaf Green
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Assorted small gifts


  1. Step 1


    Loosely wrap orange streamer to form carrot shape, making it thicker at top. Tuck in gifts as you work. [See image 2 above]. Press end of paper down into top.

  2. Step 2

    Fold green crepe paper in half across its grain. Download leaf template, and trace onto folded paper.

  3. Step 3

    Cut out; bunch up. Tuck leaves into carrot top; secure with dab of hot glue.

Martha Stewart Living, April 2011



Reviews (14)

  • jp6711 28 Dec, 2011

    So cute!!! I love to do this craft!! My mom loves it when I make it and give it to her. It's so cute thanks Martha for this idea!

  • PumpkinGirlee 21 Apr, 2011

    and put the green in the white paper at the top, secure with tape before you shape it into a carrot. Then wrap with orange and then follow martha's directions of tucking in the orange in the top around the green

  • PumpkinGirlee 21 Apr, 2011

    first wrap your candies in a square of white tissue paper about the size of a dinner napkin; place the candies on the paper in the shape of a carrot, I use smarties and little candy bars; then wrap them in that in the shape of a carrot -- BUT first make your green stems and make twist the green paper ends that dont have the leaves into a twist

  • GladysHenry 16 Apr, 2011

    I do these "surprise ball favors" all the personalized English crackers. Add a naughty limmerick, famous quote, Chinese fortune, lottery ticket, candy and small toys...great fun during dessert and real conversation time even used "questions" as the insert....great and fun way to end the evening. Enjoy!!!! P.S. Start saving toilet paper rolls for your next dinner party!!! hehehe.

  • carneyl 16 Apr, 2011

    I'm a hurry-up kind of girl, so I made cones out of orange paper and then wrapped with the crepe paper. Use paper of a weight that suits you to get a rigid or softer shape.

  • socaldinah 7 Apr, 2011

    If you are having trouble getting the carrot shape started, try using an easter pencil or a craft stick to give you a foundation for the carrot shape..start wrapping the crepe paper around the form and concentrating more at the top half to give the carrot the width it needs at the top.

  • JDWolfe 5 Apr, 2011

    Love this idea. I am going to make some for an Easter birthday party.

  • BareHands 4 Apr, 2011

    I, too, love these. I am very crafty and this project is foiling me. I've attempted several methods unsuccessfully. Can anyone who has completed this project please share how you got and maintained a carrot shape using the crepe. Any advice will be appreciated!

  • lilyevans0 1 Apr, 2011

    Here's a few cute ideas for this project:
    One way to make it cute, if you do a few of these, is to tie the bunch with maybe a green crepe paper bow and on the sides of the bow, you could do with paint of something 'The' and then 'Pattersons' or family name.

    Or, you could use the green bow on a couple of carrots and put the same bows with the children's names on them. It would add a cute flourish.

  • losting 31 Mar, 2011

    I love the tiny metal bunny. Where can I buy that?

  • Maeve42 16 Mar, 2011

    These are so CUTE! I think I may have to make up a bunch, adding purple and white "carrots" for variety, just like they have at the local farmer's market. :)

  • its4connie 3 Mar, 2011

    Really, really cute ... thanks, Martha!

  • JoanneLoucks 2 Mar, 2011

    is this a real carrots? I tell you it looks like so real in the picture, this was very artistic.. I'm wondering if I can make an apple using those materials.
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  • ojolie 1 Mar, 2011

    I love this idea. Simple design and easily found materials are a big plus. So many possibilities to individualize each "bunch." Thanks