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These lasagnas are light yet substantial. Best of all, you don't have to turn on the oven.

Source: Everyday Food, June 2010
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  • Waltervp
    3 DEC, 2013
    Lovely on a Tasmanian summer evening, I added hot smoked salmon to make it a bit more of a complete meal. This is a winner Miss Martha, thank you! My girlfriend was MOST impressed, I might be lucky tonight...
  • suzijac
    2 AUG, 2012
    Made this last night with tomatoes, zucchini and garlic from my garden. Stirred a little pesto into the tomato mixture while it was still warm, served with grilled sausage on the side. A real winner!
  • MS10437597
    8 DEC, 2011
    Outstanding and easy dish. Love it. Any day of the year it is a hit with my family.
  • JJMurphy
    29 AUG, 2011
    This is a delicious, fresh summer recipe and a great way to use late summer tomatoes from your garden. My contribution: if you don't mind the ricotta running a bit, then assemble with the tomato mixture still warm. My 9-year old daughter and I agreed that next time we make it we will let the tomatoes cool to room temp and assemble with less ricotta - a little goes a long way when layering it. It would be a great dish to make for lunch for friends or an easy prepare in advance summer supper.
  • juljh
    5 AUG, 2011
    This was delicious and very easy! I actually used low fat cottage cheese in place of ricotta and also added a little mozzarella to the mix. Can't wait to have it again. Very light and great for summer!
  • myan
    4 AUG, 2011
    I love a lot of Martha's recipes however why do they not give all the nutritional value of their recipes? I am with Weight Watchers and would love to have this broken down so I may be able to evaluate my Points Plus for recipes. Thank you
  • ppixie
    18 JUL, 2011
    This was wonderful! So easy and so delicious! I love ricotta, so I used more than in the recipe. I used the no-boil thin lasagna noodles (you can boil them, 3 minutes), which worked perfectly. I also warmed the ricotta mixture just a little in the microwave.
  • SSGifford
    18 APR, 2011
    I just made this with al dente pasta pappardelle noodles and it was so good and so fresh. Perfect for summer.

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