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Herb-Roasted Chicken and Vegetables


Stuffing the chicken with fresh herbs infuses it with flavor; the high oven temperature yields crisp skin and juicy meat.

  • Prep:
  • Total Time:
  • Servings: 4

Source: Everyday Food, November 2010


  • 1 whole chicken (3 1/2 to 4 pounds), rinsed and patted dry
  • Coarse salt and ground pepper
  • 1/2 bunch thyme
  • 1/2 bunch parsley
  • 2 leeks (white and light-green parts only), halved lengthwise, then crosswise, and rinsed well
  • 3 medium carrots, cut into 3-inch lengths
  • 1 pound small red potatoes, any large ones halved
  • 1 teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1/2 cup dry white wine


  1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Season chicken inside and out with salt and pepper and place in a roasting pan. Stuff thyme and parsley in cavity. In a large bowl, toss leeks, carrots, and potatoes with oil; season with salt and pepper. Scatter vegetables around chicken, arranging potatoes at edges of pan; pour wine into pan. Roast until chicken is golden brown and juices run clear when pierced between breast and leg (an instant-read thermometer inserted in thickest part of a thigh, avoiding bone, should read 165 degrees), about 1 hour.

Cook's Notes

To keep herbs fresh for a whole week, wrap them in damp paper towels and store in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

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  • joves
    22 JAN, 2014
    This is the best and easiest roasted chicken recipe EVER! I've used fingerling as well as yukon gold potatoes. Use rosemary instead of Thyme and added parsnips. I rotate the roasting pan once half way through cooking time, I found it helps keep the veggies from burning. Also, did the foil tent after pulling from oven; it really makes a difference and baste a few times throughout cooking to get that skin extra crispy! (great for those learning how to cook, very easy to prepare)
  • Jodi Kwan
    4 SEP, 2013
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    1 JUL, 2013
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  • Huckleberry Fairy
    10 APR, 2013
    This is THE recipe. The chicken was moist and the skin crispy. I basted it a few times and just used what ever veggies I had. This will be my new go to roast chicken recipe, and I've tried Ina's, Julia's and Pepin's.
  • suebertrand
    3 MAR, 2013
    Excellent! I added rosemary to the cavity. I also added a dab of butter onto the chicken after the cooking, then tented it with foil and let it rest for 15 minutes (Thomas Keller's famous roast chicken recipe). The chicken, the vegetable and the sauce were perfect and totally infused with the herbs (fresh from my garden). Presentation was beautiful. I would serve this for company.
  • MC T
    8 FEB, 2013
    My vegetables, especially the leeks, burned. Any tips to prevent this in the future?
  • Vanilla_Bean
    30 JUN, 2012
    Staple roasted chicken recipe. I added all kinds of veggies to the pan to roast as well. All in all, excellent!
  • Vanilla_Bean
    30 JUN, 2012
    Staple roasted chicken recipe. I added all kinds of veggies to the pan to roast as well. All in all, excellent!