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Best Buttermilk Pancakes

Want to know the secret to fluffy buttermilk pancakes? Do not overmix your batter. The batter for your buttermilk pancakes should not be beaten smooth; it should have small to medium lumps. And in the end, your pancakes will be light and fluffy and have lots of flavor!

  • Yield: Makes nine 6-inch pancakes
Best Buttermilk Pancakes

Source: Martha Stewart Living, January 2001


  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 large eggs, lightly beaten
  • 3 cups buttermilk
  • 4 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted, plus 1/2 teaspoon for griddle
  • 1 cup fresh blueberries (optional)


  1. Heat griddle to 375 degrees. Whisk together flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and sugar in a medium bowl. Add eggs, buttermilk, and 4 tablespoons butter; whisk to combine. Batter should have small to medium lumps.

  2. Heat oven to 175 degrees. Test griddle by sprinkling a few drops of water on it. If water bounces and spatters off griddle, it is hot enough. Using a pastry brush, brush remaining 1/2 teaspoon of butter or reserved bacon fat onto griddle. Wipe off excess.

  3. Using a 4-ounce ladle, about 1/2 cup, pour pancake batter, in pools 2 inches away from one other. Scatter with berries, if using. When pancakes have bubbles on top and are slightly dry around edges, about 2 1/2 minutes, flip over. Cook until golden on bottom, about 1 minute.

  4. Repeat with remaining batter, keeping finished pancakes on a heatproof plate in oven. Serve warm.

Reviews (103)

  • Theresa Leek 2 Feb, 2015

    Another great recipe from Martha! Wonderful pancakes, made exactly as written, this is a keeper. Light, slightly crisp at edges (just a bit). Not a heavy batter, very nice, used electric skillet as I have mobility problems and I was able to sit and cook this for family.

  • Solowd 1 Feb, 2015

    Really a great recipe! A keeper for sure. I have made this recipe about four times now, it makes a ton of pancakes so great for feeding a lot of people.
    Also I recently tried making this Gluten free by swapping the regular flour out with all purpose GF flour and subbed the buttermilk with a mixture of almond milk and yogurt (didn't have any buttermilk=( ) , they were not as fluffy this way but still very delicious.

  • Holly Yoder 25 Jan, 2015

    My theory is that whomever doesn't like this recipe must have a problem with technique. These are the best pancakes I've ever had (I do add vanilla extract and sometimes a little almond extract for flavor). Do not overmix (lumpy good) and do use whole fat buttermilk. I am an experienced baker and my husband is a chef and we both agree.

  • sanchmon84 26 Dec, 2014

    I made this recipe for my family Christmas morning and they loved it. The pancakes came out perfectly fluffy, light and tender. I added a little orange zest and they were a hit. I think the trick to the fluffiness is to keep the batter lumpy. I used a whisk to mix the dry ingredients but switched to a rubber spatula to mix the batter just until everything is incorporated.

  • atomicheart 14 Dec, 2014

    I can't understand what people are doing wrong when they say the pancakes come out runny or crepe-like. Here are some pointers I've learned over the years of making pancakes: 1) let the egg and milk get to room temperature before mixing the batter, 2) make sure it's full fat buttermilk, 3) mix the egg, milk, and butter together before it goes into the dry mixture. Then, I usually let the batter sit while I make bacon on the griddle because it seems to help give it fluff time.

  • tdra0 22 Nov, 2014

    I agree with a reader that said these were much like a crepe. I like a more hearty pancake, will keep this on hand for oatmeal pancake which may give it that heartiness I'm looking for. Bit of a gooey texture in the middle, even when I left it on for extended time. Evenness of color best in non stick. My cast iron didn't even well. Overall the entire family.

  • Primesector1511 6 Dec, 2014

    To those that claim that these have the consistency of crepes. You over mixed the batter!!! If you over mix the batter develops too much gluten making them rubbery. If the recipe is followed properly you'll have the fluffiest pancakes!

  • tortilla7chips 15 Nov, 2014

    I made these from Pinterest without realizing they were Martha Stewart pancakes. I made them for my mother. We loved the flavor (I added cinnamon and vanilla extract) but they were NOT fluffy at all. I followed the rest to a 'T' and didn't over mix, etc. I looked and read one review here and the person said they liked Joy of Cooking version better. What I found is they add slightly more baking powder. They also have slightly less liquid. I agree Joy of Cooking might have a slight edge.

  • joandups 9 Nov, 2014

    Much too much liquid. The pancakes were more like crepes. Even whisking in more flour didn't help.

  • chh110 9 Nov, 2014

    Delicious recipe! The pancakes were very fluffy and flavorful (I did half and half whole wheat and all purpose flour). I should point out that this recipe yielded 18 enormous pancakes, so you'll probably want to halve this, or end up with leftovers for a week...

  • dani944 3 Nov, 2014

    I have made this recipe a few times and I find that the batter is much to runny... I usually have to add more flour... unless you want a crepe and then its fine.

  • cook2801 1 Nov, 2014

    I try to eat more whole grains. So I used 1 1/4 cups whole wheat flour and 3/4 cup AP flour. Didn't change anything else. My wife said they were the fluffiest whole wheat pancakes she's ever had!

  • annypanny 15 Jun, 2014

    very light a fluffy, absolutely delicious! I think I'm in love with buttermilk.

  • Jessica LB 21 Apr, 2014

    I am allergic to dairy products, so I replaced the milk with 2 cups coconut milk (full fat from a can) + 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar + 1 cup water. Replaced the butter with coconut oil. Best pancakes I think I have ever ever had. YUMMY, light, fluffy, SO delicious!!!

  • CherieI 23 Mar, 2014

    Made this for breakfast. Very light, fluffy and soft. Excellent taste and texture! Hubs stated "this is THE winner, only make this recipe from now on!"
    I got 15 large pancakes out of this recipe. I did adjust the temp on the griddle down a bit, maybe 360, to get them done more evenly.
    Followed the recipe exactly, had no trouble at all!

  • Wengo1 16 Mar, 2014

    If you use low fat buttermilk you will need at least another cup of flour.

  • Patricia Crouse 19 Feb, 2014

    loved this recipe. used salted butter and lowered the salt to 1/4 teaspoon. used spray on skillet. and agave syrup on top. was awesome!

  • kasiek83 17 Feb, 2014

    Best pancakes ever!!!

  • ciaobella19 12 Feb, 2014

    This is the best pancake recipe I've tried so far! I only had 1 1/2 cups of buttermilk, so I halved the recipe and it came out perfectly. Fluffy, buttery, golden pancakes that tasted just as good as they looked! This is going in my recipe box!

  • salexander218 3 Jan, 2014

    I love the recipe, although I agree they are not that fluffy but I suspect that it is because I haven't used the unsalted butter. I use salted....still my family thinks they are great and so easy to make. I am sold.

  • nanasewn 19 Dec, 2013

    I love pancakes and willing to try this one. What happened!!! Batter was just runny and ran right off the griddle. Wondered if the 3 cups milk was too much for the dry amount? I did use the substitute for buttermilk (milk and vinegar) and fresh ingredients.

  • Brandon Mickel 16 Nov, 2013

    I grew up in a family in which ready made or almost ready made pancake mix was the norm. However, my wife grew up in a family where almost everything was made from scratch. This is my first attempt at fresh pancakes and this recipe was perfect. My wife had the pleasure of having the first one and it brought back memories of her childhood. The pancakes were light and fluffy. The only thing she would change and I might experiment next time, is a touch of vanilla extract.

  • Tessie 5 Oct, 2013

    Not bad but sorry... "Joy of Cooking" (recipe for "Sour Milk Pancakes") are superior to these. These are not as fluffy, and I was using excellent buttermilk and eggs.

  • missjamie678 1 Oct, 2013

    One of the best pancake recipes I've ever found! Light, fluffy delicious !

  • advilla57 13 Sep, 2013

    I have to say these were the best pancakes I have ever made. I have been searching high and low for a good pancake recipe and I have found it. Be sure and follow directions accurately. Also do not over mix, batter should be lumpy. I let my eggs and buttermilk set out a little before I mixed up the batter. The pancakes came out light and fluffy, not heavy at all. I will be using this recipe from now on.

  • michelel 7 Sep, 2013

    I'm always surprised when an MS recipe disappoints, and this one was a big disappointment. After making an entire batch, I can only second previous comments here that the resulting pancakes aren't fluffy at all, no matter how long they're cooked. Mine were thin and much too moist, more like an underdone crepe than any sort of pancake. I'll be going back to the Blueberry-Cornmeal Pancake recipe on this site---those pancakes are delicious!

  • nueabdul 2 Jul, 2013

    Absolutely delicious! I had initially wanted to make pancakes out of this batter but somehow I decided to make waffles out of it. Something special for my husband's birthday breakfast and thankfully they turned out great! It was tasty and soft although it wasn't crisp at the edges my husband just loved it fluffy. I however crisped it up a bit in the oven and it was just perfect. Definitely a go to recipe from now on!

  • jmspdx 2 Jul, 2013

    I've tossed every other buttermilk pancake recipe I had collected. These are the real deal. Light and fluffy every time. As long as you use all the buttermilk and leave the lumps, as specified, they are perfection.

  • Sarah Elizabeth 28 Jun, 2013

    Hands down the BEST pancake recipe out there! I have been making these for years and people always want the recipe. The key is the buttermilk, followed by not over mixing. The batter should be thick and lumpy. I have found most people over mixed and end up with flat, lifeless baked goods.

  • TraHum 25 Jun, 2013

    I just made these for dinner and they were delicious! My 14 year old son ate 6 of them.

  • t8knmama 3 Mar, 2013

    This recipe needs all 3 cups of buttermilk. It's just right, as it is. Make sure your griddle isn't too hot; if the pancakes cook too quickly they are just a little too soft inside.
    This is a family favorite and requires no adjustments for our house.

  • KimberHa21 18 Feb, 2013

    My Family Love this recipe and I Love using my Silpoura Clip On Spout for no drips or mess. ... They were perfect pancakes.

  • Theoriste 9 Feb, 2013

    There is a typo here...the buttermilk should only be 2 cups or so. Then only stir to moisten.

  • Whatson 9 Feb, 2013

    Nice and fluffy, great taste!! Mix the dry ingredients good, go mild on the butter in the pan and things turned out really nice.

  • NeoSoul 13 Jan, 2013

    too thin and mushy. more like crepes. too thin.

  • Tammy h 4 Jan, 2013

    Love this recipe.....tastes very much like a thicker crepe. I tried the other buttermilk recipe from Martha where you separate the eggs and beat the whites. They were also fantastic and a bit thicker and more fluffy.

  • Krispykreme1 30 Dec, 2012

    My pancakes turned out like crepes, also. While the flavor was good, they were thin and not fluffy at all. What could I have done wrong?

  • Robin Strope 10 Dec, 2012

    Amazing! If done right they are just delicious. This will be my go to buttermilk pancake recipe.

  • mama dee j 9 Dec, 2012

    Our family LOVES this recipe. We are not looking any further as this is by far the best pancake recipe I have made. It is moist and not dry & cake-like, yet still very light. They are just as good cold, or rewarmed. I've served it to all our guests at our summer home and get rave reviews every time. Yum Yum YUMMY!!!!

  • Marina Lev 23 Sep, 2012

    The best recipe ever! Will never use anything else!!
    Make sure to leave the dough lumpy though in order to get the best results!

  • 52gayle 16 Sep, 2012

    The person whose pancakes turned out like crepes must have done something wrong. Make this recipe exactly as described and you won't be disappointed. I've made it at least 10 times since I discovered it. Truely the best pancakes EVER. I used real buttermilk.... not soured milk. These will be the only pancakes I'll ever make again.

  • DonnaMayWessman 1 Sep, 2012

    I made these pancakes and they came out like crepes, very thin. I think they had to much buttermilk.

  • Twylyght 26 Aug, 2012

    This recipe is awesome! So fluffy and delicious and easy to make! Will never make another pancake without using this batter! My son had chocolate chips on his and he said they were NOM!

  • goblue7983 25 Aug, 2012

    Based upon a prior review, i reduced the buttermilk when doubling the recipe (used about 5 cups). I also substituted 2 egg whites for one of the whole eggs. My pancakes turned out beautifully-- in fact, my husband said they were some of the best pancakes he'd ever eaten!

  • ClassicCakes 19 Aug, 2012

    This is a good recipe, just too much buttermilk in my estimation. I doubled the recipe and used 4 cups total. (I also added a teaspoon of vanilla and 2 teaspoons of cinnamon to the batter). Our pancakes do look like the photo and tasted fantastic. Someone told me once to use room temperature eggs and milk for pancake batter, but using the melted butter really seemed to eliminate the need for that. These are beautiful! And I was proud to serve them to my family.

  • Beth Glace 18 Aug, 2012

    We all very much liked this recipe, although I can't say that the pancakes looked like the ones in the photo. Mine were more crepe-like, not as cake-like. I agree with previous posts that these were delicious, delicate and spongy. I much prefer them to most recipes for pancakes that I have tried before.

  • sfisher614 22 Jun, 2012

    I'm usualy not a fan of pancakes but I had a ton of buttermilk that had to be used up so I gave thses a try... Let me tell you, these are the BEST pancakes ever! The batch made more than my husband and I could eat so I froze the left over pancakes in freezer bags so every time we feel like 1 we just toss it on the griddle, they come out just as good as round 1. The only thing I changed was that I added a pinch of cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice to the batter.

  • sfisher614 22 Jun, 2012

    I'm usualy not a fan of pancakes but I had a ton of buttermilk that had to be used up so I gave thses a try... Let me tell you, these are the BEST pancakes ever! The batch made more than my husband and I could eat so I froze the left over pancakes in freezer bags so every time we feel like 1 we just toss it on the griddle, they come out just as good as round 1. The only thing I changed was that I added a pinch of cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice to the batter.

  • Raaaksoland 19 Jun, 2012

    Some people were posting that these are gummy. Either the batter has been over stirred or the griddle is not hot enough. I have been making these for the past three years and they are light and fluffy! The batter will be very lumpy-pretty big chunks of flour-but they cook up awesome! Also - don't use low fat buttermilk or butter.

  • Lis 27 May, 2012

    This is the best buttermilk pancake receipe. If you follow her instuctions they will turn out beautifully. I read some of the other reviews and wanted to mention that a buttermilk pancake has a different consistency than a regular fluffy pancake. If you've had them before you know that but if this is your first time be prepared for something a little different. They are amazing!

  • gr8cheff 13 Apr, 2012

    This recipe has a gummy undercooked quality to it, even though it was completely cooked through. I didn't over stir it, and I followed the recipe exactly. Would definitely not make it again!

  • Cookintrini 18 Mar, 2012

    I tried this recipe this morning. My pancakes came out very gummy!!!! (I had no box mix to fall back on) HUGE disappointment! I may try it again an add a little more flour:(

  • Melroseq 23 Feb, 2012

    BEST PANCAKES EVER . So soft and delicious .

  • Myumisays 22 Jan, 2012

    This recipe yielded the best pancakes I have ever tasted! Perfection.

  • TheSloppyChef 18 Dec, 2011

    I usually take the word "best" when used in a recipe title with a grain of salt. But in this case, it's appropriate. Amazingly light and fluffy and just may be the "best" we've ever had.

  • atomicheart 1 Oct, 2011

    This is my absolute favorite pancake recipe. I go to my friends' in rural Arkansas at least once a month and make these for all of us. I do add a tiny bit of nutmeg and cinnamon to the batter, as well as a dab of vanilla but that is the only change I make. I also warm the buttermilk slightly prior to mixing it with the butter so that the butter doesn't curdle. Then I fold that mixture into the egg and mix wet/dry. One friend said, "these pancakes taste like french toast!" Best recipe.

  • lolo_eve 27 Aug, 2011

    These pancake were very good! I added blueberries and peaches to the batter and everyone loved them! The recipe made too many pancakes for three adults and one child though, much more than the recipe stated.

  • MaggieTheKatt 23 Feb, 2011

    We thought these turned out very good...not at all thin or flat as some people have experienced. With only 2 cups of flour to 3 cups of buttermilk, I thought the batter would be runny, but it wasn't. In fact, it was very thick. I used real buttermilk; maybe people are having issues with thin batter and flat pancakes because they are using milk and vinegar/lemon juice as a substitute for buttermilk? Milk vinegar/lemon juice is actually sour milk, not the same as buttermilk.

  • absred2000 20 Feb, 2011

    These pancakes were amazing!! Light and fluffy, good texture, great taste. My family loved them! I found my token pancake recipe. Wouldn't change a thing!! Yummmmm!

  • ndryan 29 Jan, 2011

    I made these this morning and loved them. I am not a very experinced cook but they turned out perfect.

  • AmberCachia 23 Jan, 2011

    Haven't tried this recipe yet, but for convenience, i use a couple of teaspoons of white vinegar with this much milk, instead of the buttermilk. And i use self-rising flour, instead of getting out the extra baking powders. I've found it also improves the pancake texture if you let the mixture rest for about half an hour before use.

  • Googe 9 Jan, 2011

    I thought the taste of these were good. I used the powdered buttermilk and I had to use my mixer because they were really chunky and added a lot more flour until I got my desired thickness, but I would make them again.

  • MrsDiaz 1 Jan, 2011

    I made these this morning, and we all LOVED them! Very tender pancake - did not have "eggy" texture as other post, so not sure of difference. I did shake up the buttermilk really well before measuring it out, and my eggs were large (not extra large or jumbo). I also used a thin pat of butter for each batch, not cooking spray as I might use for a box mix. I am curious about JBabb's recipe though - this is the only buttermilk recipe from scratch that I've ever to try new recipes!

  • JBabb 1 Jan, 2011

    I tried these this morning and they were very good, but not my favorite. I think the ratio of dry to wet ingredients resulted in a very "egg-y" texture. I will be going back to my old recipe.

  • tra0924 14 Dec, 2010

    These have to be some of the best pancakes I have ever made. I am very big on actually cooking and not buying processed products, and this is by far the best pancake recipe I have tried. I have five girls and they were a hit with all of them!

  • anothervisit 30 Oct, 2010

    "Pederb" you may want to review the recipe again. The 175 degree temp is for the oven to warm the already cooked pancakes. I made these this morning and they were outstanding.

  • pederb 27 Oct, 2010

    WOW, cook pancakes at 175 degrees? That must take a while and some dry pancakes will be the result. 9 year old recipe and an error like that has not been fixed?

  • lstaal 24 Oct, 2010

    Just made these pancakes for my family and everybody loved them! They are simply AWESOME! Light, fluffy, melting in your mouth!!! The best I've ever made and I have been searching and trying out a lot of different recipes lately! The batter is a little bit difficult to maneuver, but its completely worth the trouble! I always fold the beaten eggs in the end to make them extra fluffy! Definitely no more looking for the recipes - this one is the keeper!!!

  • shannon_soesbe 16 Aug, 2010

    I've made these several times, and they are always fantastic! Not too sweet, really light and fluffy. For those who say the batter is too thin...well, it is a bit thin, but that's part of what creates the final texture. I certainly wouldn't add extra flour. They usually aren't difficult to flip, unless I've made full-size ones. Slightly smaller than the called-for 6" flip just fine! This is definitely in my permanent recipe collection.

  • DrJas 14 Aug, 2010

    I thought these tasted great, but the batter is extremely difficult to work with. I agree that it seems like too little flour b/c they spread on the griddle and are difficult to flip. Maybe that's the trade off for the tenderness and flavor.

  • geeyouknit 2 Aug, 2010

    I made the batter for this twice because I thought I screwed it up the first time. The batter was SO THIN with huge lumps of flour both times. I even made sure to add the liquid slowly. I ended up adding around 3/4 cup more flour because the liquid just spread out in the pan leaving big chunks of flour behind. The flavor wasn't quite there and they came out extremely heavy.

  • mfreckle 15 Jun, 2010

    My family loves these pancakes. There is a lot of buttermilk for 2 cups of flour, but I think that's what makes them great! They are like a cross between crepes and pancakes and are so yummy.

  • simmondskimberly 14 Jun, 2010

    I just made these for dinner and they were amazing! Thank you!

  • smgirl 18 Apr, 2010

    I knew better than to pour 3 whole cups of liquid into 2 cups of flour, but I did it anyway. The batter was way too thin for me. I added some more flour, but it didn't have the consistency I wanted. They tasted great, but I didn't like how thin mine turned out.

  • braden2009 6 Feb, 2010

    these were by the far best pancakes I ever had thanks

  • Liketoeat 24 Dec, 2009

    These were the fluffiest pancakes I've ever made. The key really is not to overmix. Also, I let the batter sit for about 15 minutes before I made it. (I read somewhere that this also helps to make the pancake fluffy.)

  • breannageyser 1 Dec, 2009

    Those pancakes look amazing. I really love buttermilk pancakes but I have never been good at making them fluffy....I'm sure its because I overmix the batter. I will have to try this recipe. They look delicious! I use batter blaster organic pancake batter which comes in a spray can whenever i'm pressed for time. Pretty tasty and no mess. I like adding bananas or cinnamon to the batter.

  • tessasydney 2 Nov, 2009

    I just made these this morning and let me tell you this is what pancakes are supposed to taste like!!! They were just perfect!

  • noubar 18 Mar, 2009

    okay i tried this the second time around! AMAZING RESULTS! :)

  • fishface2 15 Mar, 2009

    Outstanding result. Add a half cup fresh or frozen blueberries (as in picture) last. Add frozen beries gently or you'll have grey pancakes. The only trick is keeping the frypan the perfect temperature. When you find the right setting on stove, note it on recipe.

  • HolidayQueen 13 Mar, 2009

    YUMMY! These are mt favorite and so easy to make!

  • ssector 14 Feb, 2009

    Just made these with my husband for Valentine's Day. Absolutely delcious! Didn't have buttermilk so added 1tbs of Lemon juice for each cup of milk and let stand for awhile. Also added 1tsp of vanilla after reading the other comment (thanks). Dropped some fresh blueberrys on top after placing the batter on the griddle. Really light and fluffy but would agree not really thick, which was fine. My husband called them 'gourmet'! Highly recommended.

  • noubar 25 Jan, 2009

    taste wise it was great, but as soon as i removed them from the pan it collapsed and it was flat! i'm suspecting it might be my baking powder! but i doubt it! everyone still ate it and loved it but it was dissapointing to me how it turned out, but i will try it again.

  • michlvis 1 Jan, 2009

    I just made these - they are fantastic! I added a tsp of vanilla to mine.

  • Sondra42001 14 Dec, 2008

    My sis-in-law made these for us last weekend and as Aunt D would say..."they were so good you'll slap your granny". Glad I was able to find it online so quickly. My new all time favorite!

  • heather1972 5 Dec, 2008

    These were not "a do again" as we call it in our house. They were flat and a little boring. I ended up just composting about half of the batter because no one wanted any...which is very rare. I even added bananas to the pancakes and the still fell flat.

  • DebZyla 9 Oct, 2008

    I believe this is the very first "Martha recipe" I ever tried, several years ago, and it has become a family favorite - with bacon, of course! It was with this recipe that I learned the importance of a pinch of salt. You will notice if it is not there. Once I accidentally purchased nonfat buttermilk for the batter. I could not tell the difference. Once you've ladled the batter onto your griddle, dot each pancake with blueberries for added fiber, vitamins, and a burst of sweetness.

  • DebZyla 9 Oct, 2008

    I believe this is the very first "Martha recipe" I ever tried, several years ago, and it has become a family favorite - with bacon, of course! It was with this recipe that I learned the importance of a pinch of salt. You will notice if it is not there. Once I accidentally purchased nonfat buttermilk for the batter. I could not tell the difference. Once you've ladled the batter onto your griddle, dot each pancake with blueberries for added fiber, vitamins, and a burst of sweetness.

  • DebZyla 9 Oct, 2008

    I believe this is the very first "Martha recipe" I ever tried, several years ago, and it has become a family favorite - with bacon, of course! It was with this recipe that I learned the importance of a pinch of salt. You will notice if it is not there. Once I accidentally purchased nonfat buttermilk for the batter. I could not tell the difference. Once you've ladled the batter onto your griddle, dot each pancake with blueberries for added fiber, vitamins, and a burst of sweetness.

  • aalawahine 12 Jul, 2008

    My husband and I have made these pancakes a couple of times, and they were just delicious! I spread some earth balance and honey instead of maple syrup...yummy!

  • jlbrasil 25 Jun, 2008

    I love these pancakes and make them every Sunday. They always turn out beautifully.

  • tonijo35 30 May, 2008

    I made these two days ago, and I was thrilled. I added 1/2 C cornmeal (couldn't taste it, really, so I'm not sure what they would have been like otherwise) and 2 C of frozen blueberries. I didn't defrost the blueberries before using them; just dropped them into the batter after it had gone in the pan.

    They froze beautifully, seperated by wax paper. I reheated several today in the toaster oven at 375 F for 9 minutes and they were even more divine,

  • moms7heaven 27 May, 2008

    I agree with lplines83- these were the worst pancakes I have ever made!!! I have made others, but decided to try these. they were flat !!! and I know my soda and powder were good because I had just bought them. They didn't even taste that good

  • lplines83 17 May, 2008

    I made these pancakes for my mom on mothers day and they were wonderful. I added the cornmeal as was mentioned below and they tasted very good. For whatever reason my pancakes turned out very thin, but I actually liked that they didn't come out too thick and heavy as I feel pancakes can be sometimes. I would definetly make these again as they were SO good!

  • MarkL 28 Apr, 2008

    I would agree with KaylaMarie, I've never had these turn out flat. They are ALWAYS thick and fluffy. The only thing I would mention, otherwise, is to watch the temperature of your cooking surface. I find with my griddle 375 is too high and they'll burn before they are done.

  • KAYLAMARIE 11 Apr, 2008

    hey singer,
    I made the pancakes and they turned out light and fluffy.I'm wondering if your baking soda went bad. kayla

  • Jaskitiffany 2 Mar, 2008

    These were great!!!!! I was a little worried because I had never made pancakes before and this recipe was so easy to follow!!!! I recommend this recipe!!!!

  • sringer 28 Feb, 2008

    These turned out very thin for me, not at all what I was expecting.
    I don't think I'll make this again- unless I'm in the mood for crepes!

  • redguide 17 Feb, 2008

    We have these almost every Sunday morning. I replace about half a cup of flour with wheatgerm[ maybe just a wee bit more than that] and instead of sugar I use maple syrup as the sweetener. I also add a shot of vanilla to the liquid ingredients before combining it all. They are pretty good! At least I keep getting calls for grandchildren love them and with these additions I think they are more nutritious.

  • mmsrjs 19 Jan, 2008


  • stacieaho 8 Jan, 2008

    These are so yummy. They are the perfect consistency, not too rich or sweet. Yum!! I wonder if they would be good with half whole wheat flour...

  • mmsrjs 25 Nov, 2007

    Best ever definately a keeper recipe have not tried adding 1/2 cup yellow cornmeal, next time, but its great as it is. Great way to use up buttermilk.

  • Shira 19 Nov, 2007

    When I saw you do these on TV, you added 1/2 cup yellow corn meal. I did this and they are delightful. Can't wait until Saturday morning to try them on the family.

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