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Salmon Nicoise Salad


Host an inviting lunch with this family-style main dish from Provence.

  • Prep:
  • Total Time:
  • Servings: 4

Source: Everyday Food, May 2005



  1. In a 5-quart pot, bring 1/2 inch water to a boil; add salt and twelve ounces (four to five) new potatoes. Cover; cook, turning occasionally, until tender, 14 to 16 minutes.

  2. With a slotted spoon, transfer potatoes to a bowl. Set aside to cool. Add eight ounces green beans to the pot of boiling water. Cover; cook, stirring occasionally, until tender, 4 to 6 minutes. Remove with a slotted spoon. Rinse under cool water, and set aside.

  3. Fill a deep skillet with 1/4 inch water. Season salmon on both sides with salt and pepper; place in skillet. Bring water to a gentle simmer; cover, and cook until salmon is opaque throughout, 10 to 12 minutes. Transfer to a plate; flake with a fork, and let cool.

  4. While salmon is cooking, tear lettuce into pieces, quarter potatoes and tomatoes, peel and quarter eggs, and thinly slice onion.

  5. On a large platter (or four serving plates), arrange lettuce, salmon, green beans, potatoes, eggs, tomatoes, onion, anchovies (if using), and olives. Serve with Dijon Vinaigrette on the side.

Cook's Notes

If using leftover potatoes and green beans, skip step 1 and 2 and begin with step 3.

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  • baklavaglue
    24 JUN, 2010
    This salad was so delicious and elegant! I did not use this method of preparing the salmon though, because I felt it would be flavorless. I used a dijon, white wine vinegar and sugar glaze and baked the salmon for about 15 mins, then used the leftover glaze to make a dijon dressing. I roasted fresh red new potatoes with olive oil, salt and pepper. I omitted the green beans because I didn't have any and also the olives and anchovies for personal preference. Will be making this again and again!
  • earthseame
    20 JUN, 2010
    Very good! I wouldn't recommend using leftover potatoes, though. Their flavor changes significantly for the worse after 24 hours in the fridge.
  • pinon
    23 MAR, 2009
    Sounds great but couldn't I use canned salmon, and why don't you include calories in each serving.
  • MS10927640
    23 MAR, 2009
    at the bottom of the ingredients list is rosemary potatoes. if you click on that you'll get the recipe for them. then they are used as an ingredient in the salad.
  • mayers
    23 MAR, 2009
    What potatoes?
  • marilynmom
    5 OCT, 2008
    I cannot print this reciope = due to a script error!
  • RebaP
    4 APR, 2008
    I love this recipe, it is easy, looks great and tastes fantastic. I have used it for lunch with the girls several times and it is always a hit.