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Slam Dunk Cupcakes


Root for your favorite team with our easy-to-decorate cupcakes. Colorful sprinkles are used to simulate the bumpy texture of basketballs, on top of which the "seams" are drawn with licorice laces.

  • Yield: Makes 24

Source: Martha Stewart Cupcakes, June 2009



  1. Place orange round candy sprinkles (nonpareils) in a small bowl. Using an offset spatula, spread a smooth layer of untinted buttercream over each cupcake. Dip each frosted cupcake in sprinkles, rolling it around to coat completely.

  2. Cut 96 lengths (each about 3 inches) from licorice laces. Arrange three laces parallel to each other on each cupcake, one straight across the middle and the outer laces curved toward the edge. Lay a fourth piece in crosswise fashion over the other laces. Gently press licorice into frosting to adhere. Refrigerate 30 minutes to allow frosting to set.

Cook's Notes

Once decorated, cupcakes can be stored up to one day at room temperature in airtight containers.

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  • James Trachier
    15 APR, 2013
    These cupcakes would be great for sports fans! Ashlea's Cakes ( ) does custom bakery, I'm going to order something like this!
  • Apples10
    15 OCT, 2012
    Looks yummy!