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Molten Chocolate Cake

This delicious dessert recipe for Molten Chocolate Cake comes from Everyday Food's book, "Great Food Fast."

  • Servings: 6
Molten Chocolate Cake

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, March 2007


  • 4 tablespoons unsalted butter, room temperature, plus more for muffin tins
  • 1/3 cup granulated sugar, plus more for muffin tins
  • 3 large eggs
  • 1/3 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 8 ounces bittersweet chocolate, melted
  • Confectioners' sugar, for dusting
  • Whipped Cream, for serving


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Generously butter 6 cups of a standard muffin tin. Dust with granulated sugar, and tap out excess. Set aside.

  2. In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, cream the butter and granulated sugar until fluffy. Add eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition. With the mixer on low speed, beat in flour and salt until just combined. Beat in chocolate until just combined. Divide batter evenly among prepared muffin cups.

  3. Place muffin tin on a baking sheet; bake just until tops of the cakes no longer jiggle when the pan is lightly shaken, 8 to 10 minutes. Remove from oven; let stand 10 minutes.

  4. To serve, turn out cakes, and place on serving plates, bottom sides up. Dust with confectioners' sugar, and serve with whipped cream, if desired.

Reviews (27)

  • Julie J Illinois 14 Feb, 2015

    Easy and nice chocolate taste. Baked for 10 minutes and turned out soft in the center though fairly cakey. Will make this again - maybe with orange zest too.

  • haileyalena 26 Mar, 2014

    These are BEYOND amazing. By far the best lava cakes I've ever made.

  • rozinasara 23 Jan, 2014

    Delicious! I baked it for 8 min and let it set for 10 and the inside was perfectly gooey.

  • b braun24 16 Feb, 2013

    if i bake them and then reheat them few hours later will it still be good??

  • LPBrink 15 Feb, 2013

    WOW, this is a fabulous recipe! Turned out perfectly and was declared the best dessert they ever tasted. Thanks for the great recipe!

  • jbekk11 5 Feb, 2013

    This was the most delicious molten cake, and so simple! I had been craving to make it homemade since I had it at a restaurant a few months ago, and this recipe surpasses my expectations! I served it with ice cream instead of whipped cream. Three thumbs up!!

  • jgound 18 Mar, 2011

    I have made these with gluten free flour and soy butter substitute for celiac and dairy allergy accommodations and it still comes out great! In the original Everyday Food it offers the suggestion to make ahead and keep in fridge and add a minute or two to the cooking - have left in friend's fridge as a welcome home treat with directions - great gift with many happy returns

  • MEarle 9 Jan, 2011

    Excellent recipe. I got 7 perfect size cakes. Baked for 10 mins and served with ice cream. Good size recipe since they really wouldn't be any good left over. Made the batter the night before and baked during dinner. Perfect.

  • Madhi 15 Feb, 2010

    I made these for this V day..and overall I'm happy with this recipe. I cut the recipe in half, used only 1 large egg and ended up with 3 perfect looking individual cakes. I kept it in the oven for 10 mins and it turned out more cakey b/c there was only a tiny bit of lava left in the middle (still it was very tasty). Make sure to ONLY keep it for 8 mins! Will definitely be making this again.

  • melissamillerva 10 Jun, 2009

    I used the recipe from the cookbook - the time for cooking is 12-14 minutes. They came out perfectly at 12 minutes. Very easy and delicious!

  • tiffanyburns 23 Jan, 2009

    This is one of the best desserts I have ever tried. So simple and a definite crowd pleaser. The sugar lined cupcake tins give a beautiful crunchy crust that complements the soft cake and molten center. This recipe is so easy. Don't be afraid - give it a try!

  • nightgardener 31 Dec, 2008

    I used to bake these in ceramic mugs that were nice enough for serving, and then they didn't have to stand up to unmolding. I used porcelain mugs that were about 2 inches high with straight sides, which had a beautiful, red glaze. After a few years of using those mugs to bake the cakes for Valentinen n n n n n s Day, the glaze began to craze. So donn n n n n n t use any heirloom pieces as baking containers.

  • h2babe 29 Dec, 2008

    Mine came out runny. Did everyone have luck with the cakes holding its shape after being turn out from the pans?

  • h2babe 29 Dec, 2008

    Mine came out so runny that when I tried to turn out the cakes, they all just poured out like a gob of runny chocolate. Was anyone else able to get the cakes to come out and hold its shape? What did I do wrong? I really thought that I followed the recipe to the T, we even had it in the oven for 10 minutes instead of 8. And we let them stand cool for another 10 min.

  • avinoam 6 Nov, 2008

    They came out very good! watch out not to overheat, so the middle won't be solid. 8 minutes should be enough (don't forget that they still bake themselves a little even after you pull them put of the oven).
    It's also easy and quick- I made them even after the guests arrived.

  • Gus-Gus 12 Oct, 2008

    My bad- I think I hadn't fully pre-heated the oven last time so 8 minutes didn't cut it, but then I made them again and overcooked them in 12 minutes. So 8 minutes is accurate.

  • vinecharcoal 19 Sep, 2008

    I had no idea molten chocolate cake could be so EASY to make! I recommend trying different chocolates until you find the one that you really like. I love making these for gifts - high impact with lower effort.

  • smg7 6 Sep, 2008

    These cakes are so easy and take little time to make. They come out perfectly if you follow the directions. Delicious!

  • Gus-Gus 9 Aug, 2008

    What a simple, delicious dessert! It is very rich and I think it would be best with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I cooked mine for about 12 minutes, and the inside was still very gooey. Also be careful if you're melting the chocolate in the microwave to stop and stir it halfway so that parts of it don't get burnt, dry, and chunky.

  • Stefiann 16 May, 2008

    My favorite dessert of all time! I think it makes more than what it suggests. Yum! Yum! I even had my mom make these for my birthday last year. Wonderful!!!!

  • reecemorgan26 15 Feb, 2008

    I just made these and they came out perfectly. I used Semi-sweet instead of Bittersweet chocolate and dusted muffin tins with cocoa powder instead of granulated sugar. They were absolutely wonderful!! I have a new favorite, easy-to-make dessert.

  • jessnjess 15 Feb, 2008

    I made these for Valentine's Day any they turned out fantastic! I will use this recipe again.

  • marg0029 14 Feb, 2008

    I* made this exactly said... but it didnt go well... the mixture (part where we should add egg one each time..) the mixture is so runny...
    I* wasted good ingredients.. special the chocolate! I* dont think i want to try this again.

  • malinibartels 10 Feb, 2008

    I just made these last night and they were amazing! I served them slightly warm with peppermint and vanilla ice cream. Delicious - I wish the recipe made more.

  • livmc 8 Feb, 2008

    can u have them cold

  • malinibartels 4 Feb, 2008

    I'm sure a hand mixer is just fine.

  • sowhat 19 Dec, 2007

    do i have to use electric mixer can i use hand mixer instead.

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