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La Paloma Cooler


Less expected than a margarita but just as easy to make, our La Paloma cooler is lively and laid-back at the same time. It gets its light, bubbly flavor from Mexican soda (which is also great on its own) and a platinum tequila. The "drunken lime" floater is a cored-out half lime filled with a shot of reposado tequila.

  • Yield: Makes one 10-ounce drink

Photography: MIKKEL VANG

Source: Blueprint, July/August 2007


  • 1 lime wedge, for garnish
  • Coarse salt, for rim
  • Ice
  • 1 teaspoon lime juice
  • 1 ounce platinum tequila
  • 1 bottle Mexican grapefruit soda


  1. Rub rim of a highball glass with lime wedge; invert glass in a small dish of coarse salt, twisting to coat rim. Fill glass halfway with ice, 1 teaspoon lime juice, and 1 ounce platinum tequila, then top with Mexican grapefruit soda. Stir. Place cored-out lime half in drink and fill with tequila (try a reposado for added flavor).

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  • oldmanskadoosh
    18 AUG, 2015
    When I was visiting the Cancun area, the locals there told us that they use Squirt in their palomas. It's definitely better with actual Mexican soda, as they use cane sugar for sweetener. I stumbled upon this drink purely by accident and it quickly became my favorite. It's waaay lighter than a margarita. Use whatever citrus soda floats your boat. With or without salt, it's quite tasty and easy to make. :)
    1 OCT, 2008
    I am mexican and I can tell you for sure that the best flavor for this drink is given by the "Del Valle" grapefruit soda. Try it!!! Its absolutely delicious.
  • winebrat
    31 AUG, 2008
    This drink is fantastic! My friends thought I was genius when I served it at Cinco de Mayo. Love the lime- and be a little generous with the tequila!
  • npsmith
    6 MAY, 2008
    Really tasty and refreshing. I think fresca tastes funky, so I used Jarritos brand Toronja (Grapefruit) soda that I bought at a latin market. I ignored the proportions on the recipe since I bough a big bottle of soda and mixed it like I would any other simple drink (e.g. gin
  • jessicagulish
    28 APR, 2008
    The Paloma drink is popular all over Guadalajara, where I just came back from. The Mexican Grapefruit soda is Fresca the popular no calorie soda in the U.S. They didn't use the cored-out lime bit. They use your tequila of choice, we preferred the reposado. To make salt rim a glass, fill with ice, pour a shot (or two) of 100% agave tequila of your choice, fill the rest with Fresca, squeeze 2 -3 fresh limes into the drink. Also, this is a lot lower in calories then a regular margarita.