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Divvies Chocolate Cupcakes

This allergen-free recipe for chocolate cupcakes is courtesy of Divvies Bakery founder Lori Sandler. Check the packaging every time you buy a familiar ingredient -- manufacturing procedures can change.

  • Yield: Makes 1 dozen
Divvies Chocolate Cupcakes

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, January Winter 2008


  • 1 1/2 cups cake flour (not self-rising)
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 5 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 1 tablespoon white vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • 1 1/4 cups water
  • Divvies Vanilla Frosting


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line a 12-cup muffin tin with cupcake liners; set aside.

  2. In a medium bowl, whisk together flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking soda, and salt; set aside.

  3. In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, mix together oil, vinegar, vanilla, and water until well combined. Add flour mixture to the mixer and mix until smooth, scraping down the sides of the bowl with a spatula as necessary. Batter should look and feel more watery than normal cake batters.

  4. Pour batter into prepared muffin tin, filling each cup 1/2 to 3/4 full. Transfer to oven and bake, rotating pan halfway through cooking, until a cake tester inserted into the center of one of the cupcakes comes out clean, 20 to 25 minutes.

  5. Immediately remove cupcakes from muffin tin and transfer to a wire rack. Let cool completely before frosting.


Reviews (65)

  • Andreita Hernandez 24 May, 2014

    I do this recipe today, its was very easy. I have no problem with gluten, but I think this a great idea as a vegan cupcake. My husband was delighted.

  • simleigh 22 May, 2010

    actually, you can have a gluten allergy as well as an "intolerance". see:

  • ColleenFlanders 24 May, 2009

    gluten is an intollerance not an allergy.

  • RedEmmie 24 May, 2009

    Anyone looking for gluten free or other dairy free cupcake recipes should go get "Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World"! Its a fabulous book!

  • jillEbEn 24 May, 2009

    Allergen free? What about the millions of us with gluten allergies?

  • SOMERSIZING 24 May, 2009


  • nancythebaker 24 May, 2009

    I love the recent cupcake recipes and cant wait for the cupcake book release -

  • mammag 24 May, 2009

    sorry Martha - please bring back the cookie recipes!!!!!

  • mammag 24 May, 2009

    Sorry Martha - please bring back the cookie recipes!!!!!

  • Sparkley 22 Aug, 2008

    Great recipe - Thanks Divvies.
    EnerG sells a powder egg replacer made with potato, rice and tapioca - you just need to add warm water and stir. I use it in meatballs, pancakes, and almost everything else that requires egg.

  • cuteallie 20 Aug, 2008


  • jacson 19 Aug, 2008

    My 12 year old son is deathly allergic to eggs do you have any recipes for vanilla cupcakes, cookies and pancakes with out eggs. I have tried several recipes and they never come out. Thank you Jacson

  • gildthatlily 19 Aug, 2008

    It's wonderful to see a vegan recipe featured on the show. These methods for substituting animal products aren't new, but what does that matter? For some great vegan baking cookbooks, check out Joy of Vegan Baking by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau and Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Both have seriously delicious recipes and are available on Amazon. (My local Borders also carries them.) Happy animal-cruelty free baking everyone!

  • inikolic 19 Aug, 2008


  • G-Ma-16 19 Aug, 2008

    This is not a new recipe. My Aunt and Uncle made "Screwball Cake" for years, I shared the recipe last week with my 12 year old Grand Daughter and she made it for her family. The Divvie Bakery changed the all purpose flour to cake flour and made it into cupcakes instead of a 9 by 13 cake. G-Ma 16

  • SOMERSIZING 19 Aug, 2008


  • oheck 19 Aug, 2008

    This is not a new recipe.. our family has been using the exact recipe for YEARS.. got it from my sis-in-law... was called a "heart smart" cake back 10 or 12 years ago... I make it quite frequently.. use cold coffee for a mocha cake... use orange juice instead of vinegar and add the zest from the orange for a choc-orange cake..

  • monstermaja 17 Aug, 2008

    great recipe! i put one chopped banana in the batter, it worked out really well :)

  • daisycrazyme 14 Jul, 2008

    This recipe is awesome, light fluffy! I've been attempting vegan baking for 3 years

  • ateweles 9 Jul, 2008

    These cupcakes are GREAT! Moist and delicious. I made them as a sheet cake which I didn't end up taking out of the pan to serve, so I don't know if it would work for the round wedding cake. I just made 30 more for my daughter's class and no one knew they were "Maggie Friendly".

    Although the divvies frosting is also yummy, I just learned that Pillsbury frostings do not have milk or wheat ingredients (except for the milk chocolate flavor). Great for those of us who have lots of allergies!

  • michellelee 6 Jul, 2008

    I think I am the exception here but I was disappointed with these cupcakes. The texture was very light and there wasn't much of a flavour. I won't be baking these again.

  • kgulliver 6 Jul, 2008

    I just finished making these cupcakes for my 3 year old who has a lot of allergies. I don't bake for her very often because she has had such a restricted diet. She was recently given the okay to try wheat, so I thought I would bake some cupcakes for her. They were a big hit with the whole family. I would recommend this recipe for anyone with or without allergies. A definite keeper!

  • fredafun 22 Jun, 2008

    Could one make this into a round cake for a bride and groom? The groom is allergic to milk? They need a small cake top to cut.
    The wedding is Oct. 18, 2008. We are serving cupcakes to the guests. The groom will eat this cake while the cupcakes will be normal. for the other guests. Please someone respond. Thank you. Sue Thor

  • ebwinkle 29 May, 2008

    I tried these out a few weeks ago to see if I would like them for my son's 1st birthday. His brother has food allergies so he can't have eggs until he's 2. I am making them this weekend for the party. They are really good and very moist. And a huge hit with the boys and my husband. The icing was very sweet, so I think I may do a different icing with it. Has anyone ever made these and frozen them? I wasn't sure if that would effect the moistness of the cupcake.

  • geekygrandma 25 May, 2008

    @stephaiepeters - this recipe is very most and holds together really well - I'd say it's more dense than light and airy, so it might work well for cutting into shapes. What a cute idea to make a baseball bat and baseballs - how clever! I hope it works for you - I'd definitely try it, and even if it doesn't come out *perfect*, I seriously doubt anyone will even notice as it's such a cute idea! Good luck and let us know how it turns out!

  • stephaniepeterssalinovich 26 Apr, 2008

    I see Geekygrandma bakes this as a sheet cake. I'm wondering if I bake 2 8X8 cakes (as geekygrandma suggests) could I cut them into the shape of a baseball bat and frost them? Would they hold up to this sort of task? I'm looking for a good dairy free recipe for my son's first bday.I thought I could make baseball cupcakes and a dairy free "bat" cake. There are some family members wilth severe dairy alleries attending the party.

  • tackysue 16 Apr, 2008

    A little boy in my son's class has egg allergies. At the last party I saw him get upset that he couldn't have the same treat the other kids were eating and I knew then that I had to find a good cupcake recipe that didn't contain eggs. I was hesitant, but shouldn't have been. They are delicious and moist. The frosting was a HUGE hit (it is mostly sugar...but it's a treat so...) with the preschool set.

  • loisward 13 Apr, 2008

    I made these for my grandchildren with a peanut butter frosting-no allergies here-and my grandson aged 2 took at look at the plate when offered, eyes wide open and said "OHHHHHHHHHH WOW!". I should have had the video camera
    Thanks again for all of your wonderful ideas!

  • geekygrandma 11 Apr, 2008

    This is the exact same recipe I have for Lazy Day Fudge Cake. Bake the cake at 350F for 30-35 minutes in an 8" X 8" ungreased pan and cut into squares. The only difference is my recipe calls for one 1 cup of water, not 1-1/4 as in shown here. I never thought of using this recipe for cupcakes, but it sounds like a great idea and the cake is very, very good so I'm sure the cupcakes will be also. We don't have food allergies to worry about, but this is really handy if you're low on eggs.

  • cherisa77 29 Mar, 2008

    I made this this evening. Everybody in my family gave this the thumbs up and that's pretty amazing considering that's 5 kids under 5 and one semi-picky husband. My only tweak was adding a pinch more salt to the icing as it was a bit too sweet for my taste. But other than that I really prefer the eggless recipes now over the crumbly-textured egg recipes. I see what I've been missing. Thanks Lori

  • lth1031 20 Mar, 2008

    I really like this cupcake. Cupcake was very moist, even the day after. Also, had a wonderful chewy texture. While some cupcakes crumble b/c they are so fluffy, this had a more dense and conpact consistency, which made it fun to eat - goes very well with fresh ripe strawberries, and yummy even without frosting.

  • niccat 7 Mar, 2008

    I substitued whole wheat flour in the cake mix. Just as good.
    As well as changeing the vanilla frosting to Orange: added zest of one orange and its juice in place of the rice milk.
    The taste is an excellent flavor combination: chocolate and orange

  • jamieanne 3 Mar, 2008

    Thanks so much for this recipe! One of the best cupcakes I've ever had! Just wondering if anyone knows where I could find the vanilla version of this recipe...? Thanks again!

  • NJMommy 2 Mar, 2008

    Thank you, Martha, for featuring this recipe and these guests on your show. My daughter is allergic to milk, eggs and tree nuts, so this recipe is perfect for her! I would love to see more recipes for people will food allergies (all kinds) featured on your show. Please have these guests back again soon! I would love to see them make vanilla cupcakes and other treats! I hope shows like this will inspire other entrepreneurs to go into the food-allergy-bakery business! Thank you!

  • Starso0Swirls 17 Feb, 2008

    Fluffy and dense at the same time! I made these for my sons birthday party, they turned into monkey cupckaes..Super delish!

    Im curious as to the calorie count per cupcake. Does anyone happen to know?

  • fish-n-flight 15 Feb, 2008

    "The best cup cake I ever ate" my husband told me, after I made these for my daughter who has been having problems with dairy. I too enjoyed the show, but I thought it was odd that you featured CHEESE for the rest of the show when the young man was allergic to dairy. It seamed very insensitive all thought I'm sure not intended to be so. We have many friends who can not have any wheat products, it would have been great if you could have given attention to other allergens as well.

  • ratgirl 13 Feb, 2008

    Superfabulous yummy goodness! I am SO happy to see some vegan recipes here and this is a treasure. My problem with egg-free cupcakes in the past? They crumble and fall! These have great texture and hold together beautifully. They are delicious, too, especially when topped with plenty of the accompanying frosting. Mmmmmm! More vegan recipes please! This one gets 3 thumbs up. These will be a big hit at my birthday party this year as well as at our animal rescue's bake sales! Thank you, Martha!

  • glutenfreegal 12 Feb, 2008

    This recipe came up when I put "gluten free" into the search on this site. I'm really disappointed since the first ingredient is cake flour (not gluten free)! I hope, in the future, the site becomes more accurate...

  • Boojca 12 Feb, 2008

    Cmon, Martha! You can do better than this! Wheat is one of the top 8 allergens, and yet here it is plain as day in this recipe. Sigh. It's not accurate to portray this as allergen free when the first ingredient is one of the major allergens!

  • KristyW 12 Feb, 2008

    I am glad to see some more show about food allergies, but it would also be nice to see some recipes that don't contain wheat. Both of my children have life threating food allergies, my son, 2, is allergic to milk, wheat, eggs, and peanuts, and my daughter 15 months, is allergic to milk, soy and eggs so far. Every birthday I am making 2 to 3 different cakes so everybody can have some. It would be nice to have one cake that everybody could shre!


  • clare_anita 10 Feb, 2008

    This is just old crazy cake or wacky cake,it is great and I have made this since I was a kid.
    You can also mix this as a cake right in the baking pan and you don't even have to grease it.
    It is a great cake,real dark chocolate always had this as an after school snack type cake.

  • beckywiand 6 Feb, 2008

    It is great that moms will not be disappointed when baking this recipe for their child with egg allergy. When my child would have a Birthday party he was not able to eat cake

  • MargeC 5 Feb, 2008

    I missed the show taoday and I wish I hadn't. My 5 year old grandson has EGG, BEEF, DAIRY AND PEANUT allergies. What a challenge for cooking and baking that has created for his mom and the entire family! Heard Martha Steward was contemplating a magazine for kids with food allergies. Talk about a challenge! Keep those recipes coming and please get that magazine going. MargeC, Amherst, NH

  • aimi 5 Feb, 2008

    its really yummy....great boyfriend will love it..

  • teeteeshouse 4 Feb, 2008

    Great Show! Two of my four grandchildren have life-threatening allergies; one with egg, the other with numerous allergies and I love it when you have these kinds of shows on. I had my youngest grandson watch today's show so he could see 'other kids' with allergies and know he and his cousin are not alone and are also 'normal' kids. Martha, I have such respect for you-what an amazing life youn n n n n n ve created! I pray that you will have grandchildren so that your life will be as complete as mine!

  • berrygoodthings 1 Feb, 2008

    This recipe is also great made with apple cider vinegar and chocolate bars melted on the top of the hot cake for the icing.....yummmy

  • ShirleyJVal 1 Feb, 2008

    Great show - it's nice to see the kids involved! Just downloaded a new allergy and anaphylaxis magazine at AANMA


  • 3Dance4me 1 Feb, 2008

    Thank you for your segment on food allergies. As a mother of 3 girls with life threatening food allergies, I am always on the look out for recipes we can use. My oldest daughter turned purple and her throat closed within an hour of eating 1 gingersnap with egg in it. Luckily we had an epi-pen jr. to use to keep her alive long enough to reach the e.r. She's now 11 and an aspiring chef, inspired by you. Thanks! Becky -we love Divvies!

  • charm_ccox 31 Jan, 2008

    I didn't get to see the show but my mother and mother in-law both called me when I got home from work to tell me about a cake my daughter who is allergic to nuts and peanuts and soy could eat finally something half way normal for children to eat that have allergies. Thank you Divvies and Martha for helping.

  • DawnHoo 31 Jan, 2008

    Thank you for such a positive segment on food allergies. I love the idea of foods that everyone can share! Two of the eight children in my son's preschool class have food allergies, and I'm always struggling to find treats they all can eat. I will definitely try this recipe. I'd love to see more about food allergies on your show and in your magazines. I bet lots of people planning weddings struggle with this too!

  • missmaryf 31 Jan, 2008

    Thank you for higlighting such a wonderful company! My son has allergies to eggs and tree nuts, and it is so nice to find resources that will bring some yummy normalcy into his little 3 year old life. And it was a pleasure to see Benjamin make the cupcakes! What a cutie and a great spokesperson!

  • jojo555 30 Jan, 2008

    Thanks for the wonderful recipe! My son is allergic to eggs and he loved seeing another kid allergic to eggs on TV. Thank you for showing the seriousness of allergies and for showing how great baked goods are without eggs and milk!

  • jojo555 30 Jan, 2008

    Thank you for the wonderful segment, which treated food allergies with respect. The guests were fantastic -- loved the boy! He was a great face for food allergies and my 5-year-old son who is allergic to eggs loved seeing a boy with allergies like him on TV. We are going to try the recipe tonight. Keep up the great work Martha!

  • erickabaker 30 Jan, 2008

    The first thing I thought when I saw this segment was, not only is this recipe great for those with food allergies, but also great for vegetarians and vegans! Im a strict vegetarian and it is hard to find baked goods without animal product in them. I will absolutly be making these soon! Yum!

  • AllergyMom 30 Jan, 2008

    Martha Stewart is the perfect person to show us how to host those with food allergies. And like all of the made-to-share Divvies products, these cupcakes look delicious!

    It is such a pleasure to have Martha Stewart and Divvies show us ways to treat our food allergic children.

    Take care,

    Gina Clowes

  • gianne 30 Jan, 2008

    It's good to see this recipe making a comeback. Years ago it was called the Wacky cake or Wowie cake and was very popular because it was so good and was mixed right in the ungreased pan it was baked in. Just put in dry ingredients, make a well, add liquid ingredients, whisk or mix with a fork and bake. Yummy.

  • contributors_marthastewart_com_terrip 30 Jan, 2008

    My Grandaughter Francesca is allergic to eggs so my daughter prepares a similar recipe whenever they attend a birthday party. However, she makes it in cake form and is able to decorate it to make it extra special for Francesca. I look forward to more of Lori's recipes and hope you have her back soon. Her son is a joy to watch and is lucky to have a mom like Lori. Theresa - Bayside, NY

  • woodchuck 30 Jan, 2008

    Thanks for presenting such an important topic, food allergies, in such a light informative way. The Sandler's were wonderful and what they are doing to make the lives of families dealing with food allergies a little easier, is just fantastic. We hope that you will invite them back on the show. We would love to learn more! SA

  • Texascollie 30 Jan, 2008

    Good Day:
    For years my son and daughter would make fresh cakes to take to a meeting we would attend. Each cake did not have any eggs. Each cake was a surprise, so one of the host would name our cakes, because we never knew how they would turn out. One was called the Earthquake cake. What happen is the cake feel apart so I used it as a topping then mixed the frosting in it. He could not have corn syrup products. I could not remake the cake. Children are 25, 28. Baking by goofs are fun. Enjoy.

  • pgkellyd 30 Jan, 2008

    my husband cannot eat dairy, and this will be such a treat for him.!!! thank you for having this segment!!

  • aloura2002 29 Jan, 2008

    Hi there I saw you show and was compelled to watch it, it was the best show ever. I have not been able to have cake in years as I am allergic to eggs,all nuts,olive oil,sunflower oli,palm oil,sufates. And as you know all of these are in every cake you can find so this was wonderful thanks again martha :-)

  • Canico 29 Jan, 2008

    Thank you so much for the YUMMY recipe. Thank you also for the segment on such an important and timely subject. It's seems like more and more we are meeting friends whose children have food allergies like us. Love the Martha Stewart Show and, now I love it even more! Thanks for helping raise awareness!
    Canico-STL, MO (Mother to egg, nut and milk allergic 5 year old)
    Gateway FEAST (Food allergy, Eczema and Asthma Support Team)

  • canta79 29 Jan, 2008

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful cupcake recipie. My daughter is allergic to eggs, milk and soy. It's always a challenge to find yummy recpies that actually WORK. :) We'll be having Valentine cupcakes this year!

  • lady-of-the-lake 29 Jan, 2008

    I starting using this recipe 50 years ago while homesteading in Alaska. It was perfect for using in the wild because of the simple ingredients. Of course we had no refrigeration. It is a family favorite! It has been enjoyed now by 4 generations. My GREAT-granddaughters are baking it now.

  • Bobbie13126 29 Jan, 2008

    This recipe has been around for a long time. I have this recipe and used it when I had my cake business. It is called a Depression Cake or Wacky cake. As the first name indicates it has been around since the Great Depression of the late 20's early 30's. A moist very chocolaty cake. Mmmmmmmmm

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