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Cupcake Pops and Bites

Everyone's favorite dessert takes a cheeky new form courtesy of Angie Dudley, at

  • Yield: Makes about 50
Cupcake Pops and Bites

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, April Spring 2008



  1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper; set aside. Trim about 1/2 inch from the perimeter of the cake. Working in batches, crumble cake into the bowl of a food processor; process until fine crumbs form. Transfer to a large bowl and add frosting; blend together using the back of a spoon, until well combined, 5 to 10 minutes.

  2. Roll mixture into 1 1/4- to 1 1/2-inch balls; transfer to prepared baking sheet. Cover with parchment-paper-lined aluminum foil. Transfer to refrigerator until chilled, about 2 hours or to a freezer for about 10 minutes.

  3. Begin to shape balls into cupcakes by rolling balls first into logs. Fit logs into a 1 1/4-by-3/4-inch flower-shaped cookie cutter. Push cake mixture into the cutter halfway so that some of the cake mixture extends beyond the top of the cutter. Shape extended cake mixture into a cupcake-shaped top. Push cake from cutter to remove. Transfer to a parchment paper-lined baking sheet. Transfer to freezer until chilled, 5 to 10 minutes.

  4. Meanwhile, melt chocolate in heatproof bowl set over (but not touching) simmering water. Line another baking sheet with parchment paper; set aside. Remove cupcakes from freezer and dip the bottom of each cupcake into the chocolate; transfer, bottom-side up, to prepared baking sheet. To make lollipops, insert a lollipop stick into the bottom of each cupcake. Let chocolate set, 15 to 20 minutes.

  5. Melt white chocolate or pink candy melts in heatproof bowl set over (but not touching) simmering water. Dip the tops of the cupcakes into the chocolate and place right-side up on prepared baking sheet or stick lollipop sticks into a Styrofoam square. Place a candy-coated chocolate in the center of each and top with sprinkles. Let dry completely.

Reviews (66)

  • Issy Missy 24 Mar, 2013

    Is there any otther substitute i could use for the buttercream !?

  • Jillylo 30 Nov, 2012

    Word of advice, add the buttlercream a little at a time, rather than using the entire 2 cups as indicated. I only after having to rebake another cake, ended up using 1/2 cup, if that, of the frosting.

  • Melonie Madzel 27 Aug, 2012

    Enter your review...

  • CLo1374 15 Mar, 2011

    chibbard - you obviously know nothing about making these cake pops. what your describing will NOT work! They will fall apart....

  • normajeanr50 9 Feb, 2011

    These are absolutely adorable! I wish I had of seen these last January when my grand-daughter turned one! We went all out for a cupcake birthday party. The capcake pops would have matched everything including the dress I made for her!

  • kareninflorida 2 Sep, 2010

    Oh, these are just cake balls that have had the bottom part shaped through a cookie cutter! I thought based on the name, they would actually be mini cupcakes, as chibbard suggested. But then you run the risk of them becoming dry by not mixing the cake w/the frosting. Personally though, I find cake balls way too sweet

  • chibbard 30 Jul, 2010

    I love Martha, but I swear, the woman makes things far harder than they need to be. These cupcakes are a good example. While cute, there's no need to bake a cake and mix it up and blah blah blah. Just bake chocolate mini cupcakes (in a mini muffin pan), then stick THAT on a stick and just dip the top of that in a pink-colored chocolate melt. Top with sprinkles and an M

  • michellebuckner 22 Jun, 2010

    Ok, I absolutely LOVE these!! I want to make these for my daughter's bday party but I just tried making them and it didnt go very well. You make it look so easy! I dont know what I did wrong but the cake mixture was pretty moist and even after chilling it, it was difficult to shape with the cookie cutter. Any suggestions?

  • thecupcakequeen 28 Mar, 2010

    I can't wait to make these for Easter. I hope they turn out good.

  • JennClark 27 Sep, 2009

    JennBostedo: I doubt you'll ever see this comment since yours was written a year and a half ago! But I had to tell you anyway- when you described your idea for the chef hats I about died! That is the dang cutest thing! I would love to see how that turned out! Good job!

  • kikikens 15 Jun, 2009

    Can't you just use a mini cupcake pan and do this?

  • Spike41 23 May, 2009

    MCE427...I had never heard of Bakerella. So after I read your comment I went to her page...thank you...thank you...thank you...I will probably be on this one page all weekend. What a find. God Bless. thank u sooooo much

  • MCE427 23 May, 2009

    I knew it was Bakerella! I love her! I have her bookmarked on my computer!

  • jlscism 23 May, 2009

    the recipe gives credit to Angie Dudley who is Bakeralla!

  • DeeceKS 25 Mar, 2009

    You can use any flavor cake and/or any flavor frosting. has more good ideas.

  • emsjmum 23 Mar, 2009

    does anyone know if you HAVE to use cream cheese frosting or can I use any flavor? I am not a big fan of cream cheese anything.
    thank you

  • snoweater 23 Feb, 2009

    Used this recipe at a cookie exchange during the holidays. It was a big it. I suggest putting in the cream cheese a bit at a time. I didn't need that much, maybe my cake was lighter.

  • clt0703 6 Jan, 2009

    I made 2 batches of these for my daughter's 1st birthday party...they were a HUGE success. I'm not sure what went wrong with the previous poster's pops, but mine looked and tasted wonderful! Yes, a bit time consuming, but very worth it!

  • Kandies 11 Dec, 2008

    (4) Thank god we made chocolate chip cookies for the bakesale too, so we have something to contribute. In n n n n n m so angry about all that money and my own energy that went into those awful cake pops. Am I being too harsh? No, not really. And I donn n n n n n t advise you to try and find out. I spent literally 8 hours making two batches, and by the end, I was nearly in tears of frustration.
    In n n n n n m never trusting recipes from the internet again! From now on, In n n n n n m sticking with cookbooks.

  • Kandies 11 Dec, 2008

    (3) Everyone thought they were made out of uncooked dough. That combined with the low quality chocolate. It gave us a stomachache. Perhaps with better, gourmet chocolate, the pops would be better. However it is totally not worth it.
    My mom even suggested they were the worst things she has ever eaten, and then offered to buy a birthday cake for my friend tomorrow morning so I would not have to give her these.

  • Kandies 11 Dec, 2008

    (2) First, the process was way too time consuming. There are a lot of mistakes that are possible; if these at least tasted okay, I would think itn n n n n n s fine to learn as you make the pops again and learn from the past. But then theren n n n n n s the awful texture and taste. Sure, these look pretty enough. But when you actually eat them, it is like biting into something raw.

  • Kandies 11 Dec, 2008

    (1) What a disappointment. These were a total waste of time and money, and I cann n n n n n t believe I spent so long on making them.
    My friend and I made these for a bake sale, and I thought In n n n n n d make a separate batch for another friendn n n n n n s birthday while we were at it. I read all the positive reviews, so I thought theyn n n n n n d turn out okay. Now that I think about it, only a few people actually MADE the pops and commented while the rest were going on about how cute they looked without having tried the recipe

  • partypeaces 24 Sep, 2008

    why can't you just use Tim Bits or doughnut holes instead of going through all the trouble of making them?

  • aileenhome 4 Sep, 2008

    I am an experienced baker and found these extremely fiddly. I got about 80 munchkin-sized balls. I did not like handling food that people were going to eat to this extent - rolling twice, stuffing into the cutter, etc. I ditched the cutter, re-rolled into balls and dipped one end into chocolate (add stick each time and not after they are all dipped because the chocolate hardens and cracks) and the other end into candy melts, added sprinkles and M

  • nlavi8 21 Aug, 2008

    How much do i need to put of everything if i want only 15 pops

  • mum2logan 21 Aug, 2008

    I am expecting a little boy in December. I thought this would be sooo cute for the shower. But I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for the letters she used to spell out "martha"? I thought It would be so cute to spell out the name we have chosen for the baby. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • pattyhallo 21 Aug, 2008

    wow so much fun to do these cupcakes and also very easy to do. thank u Martha.

  • pattyhallo 21 Aug, 2008

    wow so much fun to do these cupcakes and also very easy to do. thank u Martha.

  • Malabar 15 Aug, 2008

    ALERT: SO so EASY! sounds fiddley..not really! Had some left over cake mix, and popped them onto the end of short skewers. I made 2 day (rolled cake icing 2 days before and "iced" day before) before, but I'm sure they would freeze okay - given the EXTREME high sugar content. They turned out better than I expected, as I'm no baking queen

  • clt0703 11 Aug, 2008

    Has anyone tried making these ahead of time and freezing? I would like to make the mixture and mold the "cupcakes" and freeze, saving the dipping until the day before the party.

  • clt0703 11 Aug, 2008

    Has anyone tried making these ahead of time and freezing? I would like to make the mixture and mold the "cupcakes" and freeze, saving the dipping until the day before the party.

  • nathotong 6 Aug, 2008

    Just curious, to save some time would this recipe work with box cake mix?

  • nmbwen 23 Jul, 2008

    I have made these one time and they went over wonderfully. I will be making them again and again

  • sewing123 21 Jul, 2008

    I love these! I have made them for several events and they are a hit everytime.

  • khernstr24 11 Jun, 2008

    I made these for a bridal shower and dipped them in the colors of the wedding...they were a huge hit!! Not only were they decorative, they were delicious. I highly recommend this recipe to anyone who is entertaining and has an ample amount of time to prepare.

  • shealynn 28 May, 2008

    Not sure why there are so many issues. I made these one time, and never had an issue... seen here: --- The picture doesn't show them on the sticks, but I assure you that they were put on sticks and then wrapped in treat bags for the kids at my daughter's party to take home as favors. Everyone loved them, and I had none fall apart. The only thing I want to figure out is how to replace the candy melt for the top of the pop with something else. I can't stand the taste of that stuff! LOL. Maybe white chocolate with food coloring or something.

  • sweetmeoffmyfeet 14 May, 2008

    I made these last noght so adorable.I used a cutter I got at Michaels a set for 2.99, sticks and bags all there too! I also used the candy melts from wilton. They came out fantastic and they are yummy! I recommend using a food processor to crumble cake, and add a lil frosting at a time until you get a dense consistency but still moldable. I would also dip the sticks in chocolate and then insert it keeps them more secure. I have one complaint and question read my other entry im going to run out

  • UpstateKate 10 May, 2008

    I wanted to love these but I have to agree with KasiaKramer. While these are adorable the gooey mush center makes them really unappealing. Even my 5 year with a major sweet tooth rejected these. Too bad, with a different center these have the potential to be great.

  • escamilla 8 May, 2008

    I made these this week for a mother's day tea this weekend. They were a gooey mess...a yummy, gooey mess. They took longer to freeze and get firm. I think that the icing may have been the problem...maybe its too much. Anyway, they're good but they don't quite look the way they should. They're very good, but I had a few fall off the sticks, too. All in all, it's still a great idea, just needs some tweaking.

  • KasiaKramer 1 May, 2008

    These are cute to be sure, but let me tell you they're kind of disgusting. It's a grainy goo ball in a hard shell. I made 50 of these for my daughter to take to school, good thing we sampled them first, I'm off to the store to get a replacement treat for her class right now.

  • sweetsugarjunkies 25 Apr, 2008

    this has to be the cutest thing i've ever seen in my life(:

  • sherlene 17 Apr, 2008

    That is just too darling! I cannot wait to try these for my grandchildren!

    Yes, it was very cute of Martha to be so down to earth. She just gets better and better. "A little time" sure did wonders for her. She is very real, now.

  • tsunshine45 14 Apr, 2008

    To themoors in Australia:
    Paper Lollipop Sticks
    Make 'n Mold - 6 inch
    Make 'n Mold - 4.5 inch
    Lollipop Sticks In Various Lengths
    Dont know if that helps you any...the resourses are on

  • Annette_Dennis 12 Apr, 2008

    The best part of this show was hearing Martha say "turd-like."

  • themoors 11 Apr, 2008

    How long are the lollypop sticks? I am in Australia and our craft store only had ones about 3 inches. I don't think that is long enough.

    I am planning on using a larger flower cutter and making them in a flower shape (not a cupcake shape) and creating a flower garden for my daughters' 8th birthday party.

  • JennBostedo 10 Apr, 2008

    Hey guys! I just had a stroke on inspiration and wanted to share. I was going make these as favors for my daughter's 4th birthday party in cup cake colors. But now the theme is a cooking party so I am going to keep the shape the same and dip them in all white to look like chef hats. I know you guys will be way more excited about this than my husband! ;)

  • renroo 8 Apr, 2008

    I bought the sticks at Michael's craft store, they have lots of stuff like that.

  • Wolffe 8 Apr, 2008

    You can buy the sticks at any craft store or even Wal-Mart!!

  • soz 8 Apr, 2008

    where can I purchase the sticks for these pops. On the video you said it was on the web site, but either I'm blind, or it's not there?

  • soz 8 Apr, 2008

    where can I purchase the sticks for these pops. On the video you said it was on the web site, but either I'm blind, or it's not there?

  • Inig 7 Apr, 2008

    From cupcake week

  • pinkladyalison 5 Apr, 2008

    I just made these to give to my grandmother for her 80th birthday. They came out beautifully! Thanks for the adorable recipe! Also, I found the flower cookie cutter in a set at Hobby Lobby for only $2.99! I have a round disc of styrofoam that I painted pink and I'm going to mix these with some chocolate covered strawberries on it for a special birthday treat!

  • rheather 4 Apr, 2008

    very cute! My daughter is the cupcake class at school, great activity! Thank you.

  • schoolmarm 3 Apr, 2008

    I've always made cake balls with a German chocolate cake mix mixed with ready to spread coconut pecan frosting. Just mix and roll into balls, then dip into the chocolate the same way she does. Wilton's candy melts and/or almond bark work great. Can't wait to try making these for a special occasion.

  • kisses27 3 Apr, 2008

    pinklyfe-you can buy an alphabet chocolate mold in a candy store. Then you melt chocolate, add it to mold, refrigerate and they pop right out!

  • sdevlin75 3 Apr, 2008

    I absolutely love these! Can you use store bought cake mix? Can you use different cake flavors? I would love to try lemon!!

  • lamerex4 3 Apr, 2008

    DollyB; If you click above where it says chocolate cake in blue, it will take you to the recipe. No need for delay! The recipe is there for the cream cheese frosting, too.
    Have fun!

  • lorettajc 3 Apr, 2008

    i can't find Angie Dudley's website! how do you spell it? cheers, loretta

  • lorettajc 3 Apr, 2008

    i can't find Angie Dudley's website! how do you spell it? cheers, loretta

  • BooMcCart 3 Apr, 2008

    DollyB the cake recipe is listed. Click on the link that says 9-by-13-inch Chocolate Cake for Cupcake Pops
    the recipe looks very good

  • PattyBerger 3 Apr, 2008

    How can I get the receipe for the cupcake bites from Angie Dudley?

  • mattienemmy 3 Apr, 2008

    Angie mentioned a website for her .....was it Bakerillo? Thanks. Nan

  • PinkLyfe 3 Apr, 2008

    the cupcake pops on the todays show had edible candy letters spelling out "martha"
    where can i purchase candy letters to top the cupcake pops?

  • yellerbird 3 Apr, 2008

    How far in advance can these be made? Can they be decorated 2 days in advance and kept refrigerated?

  • DollyB 3 Apr, 2008

    I would really appreciate Angie Dudley's chocolate cake recipe. Can't wait to get all the ingredients together to make these!

  • meshe 3 Apr, 2008

    this looked easy and tasty too. I'd love to see it done with a white cake base for a baby or wedding shower.

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