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Slow-Cooker Pot Roast

Get a head start on dinner with this fresh take on a slow-simmered, all-in-one meal that makes clean-up a breeze.

  • Prep:
  • Total Time:
  • Servings: 8
Slow-Cooker Pot Roast

Source: Everyday Food, October 2008


  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch
  • 8 medium carrots, cut into thirds
  • 2 medium onions, each cut into 8 wedges
  • Coarse salt and ground pepper
  • 1 beef chuck roast (3 pounds), trimmed of excess fat
  • 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce


  1. In slow cooker, stir together cornstarch and 2 tablespoons cold water until smooth. Add carrots and onions; season with salt and pepper, and toss.

  2. Sprinkle roast with 1 teaspoon salt and 1/2 teaspoon pepper; place on top of vegetables, and drizzle with Worcestershire. Cover; cook on high, 6 hours (or on low, 10 hours).

  3. Transfer roast to a cutting board; thinly slice against the grain. Place vegetables in a serving dish; pour pan juices through a fine-mesh sieve, if desired. Serve roast with vegetables and pan juices.


Oven method: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In step 1, use a 5-quart Dutch oven or ovenproof pot with a tight-fitting lid; add 2 cups water. Cover; bake until roast is tender, 3 1/2 to 4 hours. Proceed with step 3.

Reviews (95)

  • JACKIE2830 19 Jan, 2015

    Wonderful and as MANY others are saying, DO NOT CHANGE A THING!!!!! It will produce a lot of au jus so there is no concern about liquids!!!!! It comes out tender, juicy, and just delicious. And, your whole house will smell wonderful! I utilized the 10 hour slow cook. Super easy! Cut in chunks right in crock pot served atop buttered rice with a ladle of au jus over top. REAL comfort food!

  • sandy94025 16 Jan, 2015

    Delicious pot roast, made it several times, always perfect! Didn't change a thing.

  • smithers34 20 Dec, 2014

    This is a delicious pot roast and so simple. I have made it dozens of times and it turns out perfect everytime. DO NOT CHANGE A THING WHEN COOKING! follow the recipe to a T!! I have cooked it on low and high and both work great. Ive served with mashed potatoes or by itself is excellent as well. Easy, simple, and delicious....the best kind of recipe if you ask me.

  • smithers34 20 Dec, 2014

    This is a delicious pot roast and so simple. I have made it dozens of times and it turns out perfect everytime. DO NOT CHANGE A THINK WHEN COOKING! follow the recipe to a T!! I have cooked it on low and high and both work great. Ive serves with mashed potatoes or by itself is excellent as well. Easy, simple, and delicious....the best kind of recipe if you ask me.

  • MomAndQuincy 29 Sep, 2014

    This has been my 'go to' recipe for years now. I add potatoes and celery and a few splashes red wine and it comes out perfectly cooked, flavorful, with a nice amount of 'gravy' every time. I was so happy to find a recipe that did not require packaged soup or dressing mixes - the flavor of the vegetables and meat shine through deliciously. Try it as written or with a few twists of your own, just don't add water and there's no need to brown. You won't be sorry!

  • rcstewart3 11 Oct, 2014

    Thanks for your comment. Seemed too easy compared with other "from scratch" (no soup mix) recipes. Haven't eaten it as yet, but it smells good!

  • leslie--- 13 Sep, 2014

    I used this recipe every time and it is perfect. So easy and delicious. I prep the vegetables the night before and quickly put it together. It keeps the family happy and does take to much prep time in the am. I find the gravy very tasty. Perhaps it depends on the cut of meat - seems that a little more fat on the meat creates a lot of extra flavor. I also add green beans as that is a family tradition. Myself I prefer green beans a little crispy but these are tasty and the kids love them.

  • Dini07 20 Apr, 2014

    This is the best crock pot roast I have ever made! If you are reading this post debating on trying it....Do! Follow the recipe to the letter and you will not regret making this pot roast. It is now my go to most loved recipe for roast!

  • ruthellens 9 Apr, 2014

    I have not actually made this recipe yet but I plan to. I am just commenting on the gravy and lack of taste. I find that cooking the potatoes and carrots in with the roast robs the flavor of the gravy. So much flavor is soaked into the potatoes and carrots that it leaves the gravy pretty flavorless.

  • marcyjordan 30 Jan, 2014

    Made this exactly as wrtten. 10 hours on low, roast perfectly cooked and it did indeed look as if it had been seared - strange! The carrots weren't even overdone which I find astonishing. I de-greased the pan juices and thickened them with some flour - tasted them and they were a little flat - added a teaspoon of better than bullion and a healthy shot of red wine vinegar to zip them up a bit, then put the roast back in the crock with the gravy and left it on warm til dinner. Everyone enjoyed it.

  • jadeskirt 20 Jan, 2014

    Excellent! Super fast..Amazing juice, (don't bother to add any more liquids) Beef is moist and tender, falls apart with the fork, I cooked it for 10 hours on low. I did add a leeks, mushrooms and a few fingerling potatoes.

  • filmbat 21 Nov, 2013

    Thanks to the reviewers who said to follow the recipe exactly. They are right! I threw in some pretty little purple potatoes at the end and turned the juice into a gravy (poured into saucepan, added flour mixture and whisked). Perfection! Rave reviews at the dinner table! I can't believe that something so amazing could be so easy to make.

  • Lorrie B 11 Nov, 2013

    Made it. Loved it. Super simple. Served over mashed potato with juice on the side.

  • alexandluciesmom 8 Nov, 2013

    I usually make pot roast in the crock pot by adding a can of cream of mushroom soup and a packet of onion soup mix. This makes a wonderful pot roast (don't add anything else - including water), but I wanted something different. My daughter has celiac disease so I have to make everything gluten free. I made this recipe and it was really good. I added whole red skin potatoes - which I think were even better than the meat. I added more worcestershire sauce than the recipe called for.

  • Carolyn N 29 Oct, 2013

    I've made pot roast a bunch of times and every time it came out dry and disappointing. I'd thought I'd give this recipe a try, and it was great! I made a point to follow it closely - only difference was I left the fat on the meat and cooked it with the fat on top, and added just a splash of red wine. It was really, really good. The part of the meat that was in the juices was much more tender, but the whole roast was moist and flavorful. Yummy!

  • Astylla 30 Sep, 2013

    I found this recipe and was hesitant to try because I have never had success with a pot roast in a slow cooker...UNTIL NOW!!
    I followed this exactly only adding more salt and pepper and Worcestershire due to preference as well as 1/4 cup water but that may not have been needed. I used a 3.5 lb chuck roast.

    This came out perfectly , fork fall apart tender and the juices made a perfect gravy that doesn't even need thickening.
    I can't imagine cooking roast any other way again.

  • PrkyGth 28 Sep, 2013

    This recipe is so easy, uses only a handful of ingredients and it goes in the crock pot! Tomorrow will be the second time cooking a chuck roast using this recipe, although I am going to try adding some potatoes along with the carrots and onions. My kitchen, no, my entire house is going to smell so yummy tomorrow- I can't wait!

  • Anesia Overlund 27 Jul, 2013

    I followed the recipe just like it read except my roast was 2 lbs instead of 3lbs. It was still juicy and tender even though it was on top of the carrots, I only added the 2 Tblsp water and I didn't shorten the cooking time for the size difference. It was perfect! Will definitely make it again.

  • JemmyDucks 3 Jul, 2013

    Just follow the directions. Do not brown. Do not add extra water (my roast was swimming about waist high in its own juices (plus the water that cooked out of the veggies) by the time it was fininshed. And do not use a over-large cooking vessel: slow cookers work best when full. I cooked my roast for 10 hours on low, and the internal temp was 195 deg. F. The meat was tender and juicy--very similar in texture to BBQ pulled pork. This is easily the best pot roast I have ever tasted.

  • Elisa Gumbley 26 Jun, 2013

    So I saw this recipe and spent 20 minutes reading reviews trying to determine if you brown the roast as usual.. Lots of reviewers did that well because that's what our mothers taught us! I also agree the photo looks as if it's been browned.. However. I was brave and followed the directions to a T!! I did NOT brown/sear the roast first and I only added the 2 tablespoons of water...
    And it was FABULOUS. Moist and perfect!! I cooked on high for 4 hours. My crock pot is new so I guess HOT!

  • ChefKolohe78 17 Apr, 2013

    Delicious! Had a gorgeous organic fed beef chuck roast to use in the recipe. Added garlic and celery and cooked on low for approx 9-10 hours since I needed more than 6hours. Meat fell off the bone and was super succulent! Will definitely make again.

  • lvhwjh 25 Mar, 2013

    Have made this 3 times so far. Twice with the meat suggested and once w/ a meat the grocer suggested for normal pot roasts when they were out of the recipe cut. The substitute was horrible - no flavor, dry as a bone and overcooked. Each time I've made it as directed, it's been wonderful. Everyone loves it, very tender. My crock pot is older so it takes about 10 hours on low and the meat is tender and still has pink in the middle.

  • Marylou Sakosky 22 Mar, 2013

    This willl be the 2nd time I have made this. I laughed and swore something was left out but i never had so many compliments, The meat fell apart and you do not need awhole lot of ingredents that make this taste just wonderful. I was shocked and grateful. Thank you so much for sharing .My Randy was the slowcooker and I lost my cook on Nov 10 2012.Jesus is lucky he has a awesome cook now .Bless ya :)

  • Robin Crocker 10 Mar, 2013

    Enter your review...

  • aaaafed 4 Mar, 2013

    Made this in the oven - I never leave reviews but this is the first roast I've made that fell right apart. So moist. 350 degrees for 2 1/2 hours and 1 1/2 at 170 just to keep it warm because it cooked up a little quick. It definitely was bland for my taste though. I used the juice to make up a gravy though and that helped.

  • JenFlower44 21 Feb, 2013

    Awesome recipe! First time using crockpot. I didn't add any extra water. Meat is falling apart. Woohoo! Thanks!!!!!!
    (I did turn meat 1/2 through, prob. Didn't need it)

  • BltnVac 17 Feb, 2013

    C-........ Pass on this one,very Plain.... added 2 cups of water after seeing other reviews. Cooked 10 hours turn out O.K. My wife is concerned, about not cooking the meat some before adding carrots and onions so on. won't eat it. First time on Martha

  • Missy W 25 Dec, 2012

    I made this recipe to the tee. On high for 4 1/2 hours and the meat was falling apart. Was sooo good and not dry at all. Only used the carrots and onions. I will definitely make this again as the kids loved it. Can't understand why anyone's would have been dry if they followed the recipe.

  • Peter B 25 Dec, 2012

    After reading that some people ended up with dry meat I decided to quickly brown the roast on all sides. My roast was only 2 pounds but I did not scale back on any of the other ingredients. Expected the cooking time to be shorter though. But when I opened the slow cooker after only 3.5 hours on high to check the internal temperature the roast was completely overcooked and the dish turned out DRY.

    I will try the dish again but on slow and with a thermometer in from the start.

  • lala1128 24 Dec, 2012

    this recipe is great! my only variation was to add potatoes and celery to the vegetables. i followed another reviewer's advice and cooked it on low for about 7.5 hours and the meat is falling apart tender! will definitely make again!

  • Celeste Inzinga-Kamenar 24 Dec, 2012

    I made this , But made a few changes. First I browned the roast first in a pan with olive oil,salt & pepper. Then I deglazed that pan with the worcestershire sauce and a bit of water. Poured that over the roast and veggies in the crock pot. It was very good, The meat does get a bit dry though. Overall it was a success :-)

  • jennylove 17 Oct, 2012

    This is a simple go-to recipe for me, always perfectly cooked, enjoy it every time.

  • Valarie Jenkins 14 Oct, 2012

    I made this for a party with high hopes, being a "martha stewart" recipe. I was impressed that the prep was so quick and easy, but soooo disappointed in the end result. I cooked it on low for 9 hours (i had to chunk up the meat to fit more in for my party). The meat was so dry and it seemed all the juice came out into the pot.
    I will NOT try this recipe again.. I would recommend trying another recipe that has you sear the meat before putting in the crock pot. Those turn out much better, IMO

  • Trisha29 30 Sep, 2012

    So simple. I have a small family, the roast was too much for us. I used chuck eye steak instead. For more flavor & kick, I seasoned the steak with salt, pepper & minced garlic. I let the dry rub sit in for about 15 minutes... then I seared the steak on 3 mins on each side, high heat. Then I followed this recipe. TURNED OUT PERFECT!!! Searing it first brings out all the flavor. Gave it a more rustic look too. SOOOOO delicious.... Please try :)

  • jrie328 15 Sep, 2012

    Delicious. I add 1-2 cloves of chopped garlic, a few potatoes cut into chunks, and 1 cup of merlot. Amazing as leftovers also.

  • Barbara Burks 13 Sep, 2012

    Enter your review...

  • Holly Murphy 15 Aug, 2012

    The meat was beautifully cooked, however I found the flavour overall was a little plain and bland for me - needs more kick than just the sauce, salt and pepper.

  • pattyr1114 5 Aug, 2012

    I had a busy day yesterday so I thought I'd try this recipe. When I walked back into my house after a long day out all I can say is WOW! The smell was amazing. I held back the urge to immediately eat and went ahead and whipped up some yummy galic mashed. This meal was delicious. I cooked it as directed, no deviation and it will be used in this house again. YUM!

  • Boa Liu 30 Jul, 2012

    looks interesting. i will try :)

  • annam88 27 May, 2012

    Very tasty - recommend frying up some leeks to add to the base.

  • eoelliott 28 Feb, 2012

    Absolutely delish! The roast is tender and juicier than ever. I add cut potatoes and a little extra cornstarch for a thicker gravy. Yummy.

  • llebzauis 28 Nov, 2011

    Really tasty! This recipe was really good. The beef was very tender and juicy. I added soy sauce along with the worchestire sauce. I also added potatoes to the recipe. I will be adding this to my recipe box.

  • kissesandhugs 10 Nov, 2011

    DELICIOUS!!! (made some modifications)

    The roast I bought was 1lb larger than the recipe called for & my slow cooker is very tiny. All carrots and onions didn't fit. Had to improvise. I seasoned meat with salt, pepper, nature's seasoning and extra Worchestershire sauce. To make it a more hearty meal, I made mashed potatoes separately and drizzled them with the essence from the roast. My hubby, mother & sis loved it & our 3 kids (5, 4 and 3) asked for 2nd's AND begged for it the next night!

  • NYCTexan 31 Oct, 2011

    I guess the primary, cardinal rule here is: "KNOW THY SLOW COOKER!" as it called for either a 6 hour cook time on high, or 10 hours on low. Thank God I chose 6 at low... even that was too much as the roast came out very well done. Next time I will try 5 hours at low and see how that does. I also tweaked it a bit, adding garlic and dried thyme. Would also recommend 1/2 c low sodium beef broth, 1/2 cup red wine, and doubling corn starch/cold water to make thicker gravy. Flavor was excellent tho!

  • KosmicKitty 17 Oct, 2011

    Absolutely yummy. The only change I made was to add some potatoes just harvested from the garden. I was concerned about not adding any liquid, but the onions and roast made a plentiful and tasty au jus. Great for nights when I have to work, but need to leave something simple for "the boys".

  • Wendifer 8 Oct, 2011

    To spsarrocoo: "why is there no print link anymore?"

    I couldn't find the print link either, but it is off to the left now in the blue margin, way down at the bottom.

    Can't wait to try this recipe (once I get it printed!)

  • spsarrocco 8 Oct, 2011

    Why is there no print link anymore?

  • Pincherry 6 Oct, 2011

    I pretty much made this exactly as written except I used a cross-rib roast and threw in some sprigs of thyme. What a delicious, easy way to cook a roast. I have been pretty disappointed with a lot of things I've thrown in the slow cooker (textureless, unrecognizable meat...). But this was meaty and tasty with a delicious au jus. And the carrots and onions topped it off. Next time, I'll add some celery pieces too. Can't wait for beef dip tomorrow!

  • Kmwinfl 5 Oct, 2011

    It looks so good I am making it tonight!

  • amydaim 11 Mar, 2011

    This was great. Tons of flavor and moist. I added potatos.

  • dulittle 5 Mar, 2011

    This recipe was so delicious! It completely depends on the type of meat you use. I was going to buy the round roast, but my butcher recommended the rump roast and it was so tender when it finished cooking. The meet made a ton of broth and it was so tasty! I'm definitely going to make it again.

  • thyme 24 Jan, 2011

    I made this last night and it was the best. Juicy, fork tender, etc. What I have learned when making pot roast is that the quality of the chuck roast is the most important variable.

  • steveshooman 11 Jan, 2011

    I followed the recipe exactly (I didn't add extra liquid, per other reviewers' comments). This was the absolute worst pot roast recipe I have ever used. It was very, very dry and practically tasteless. On the plus side, our cats loved it.

  • smoke14 2 Jan, 2011

    That should have read pork butt!!!

  • smoke14 2 Jan, 2011

    I have a large Rival crockpot and a medium Cuisinart crockpot. Both cook equally well. Watch for sales and go with a good brand name. My fave is the slow cooked port butt, YUM. Good luck, Harriet

  • beckysigler 2 Jan, 2011

    I'm looking at buying a new Slow Cooker. I'm torn between the All Clad and the Cusinart and the Kitchen Aid. I would prefer 6 qts . Please help?!! I really liked the All Clad - but after the reviews...not sure! Thanks, Baffled in Tampa

  • sakme 31 Dec, 2010

    Excellent foundation that is very good as is but well suited for tweaking to your tastes.

  • langotti 21 Oct, 2010

    I purchased a beef chuck shoulder roast and it turned out beautifully, and cost quite a bit less! Otherwise, I followed the recipe. Everything had a great flavor and was super-easy.

  • mllefantine 29 Sep, 2010

    Delicious and oh-so-tender! This is a great basic pot roast. I did not take off the extra fat, because as any good chef will tell you, the fat is the best part! It adds all the flavour and moisture. I did not brown mine and it turned out exactly the way it looks in the photo.

  • gretchenjean 27 Oct, 2009

    The slices of meat in the photo surely look as though the roast was browned before putting in the slow cooker. Did yours look like that without browning?

  • DeirdreF 7 Oct, 2009

    I always use beef broth instead of water and a packet of onion soup mix. It makes the gravy taste wonderful.

  • supbear 6 Mar, 2009

    I just made this and it is way too bland. It needs a lot more flavor.

  • supbear 6 Mar, 2009

    I just made this and it is way too bland. Its needs a lot more flavor.

  • Nancy_Ann 21 Feb, 2009

    When I make a roast in the crock pot I use a 20 oz. bottle of regular coke for my liquid. I then can purchase any type of roast . The cook will break it down and
    the roast just falls apart. The juice after wards makes a great gravy.

  • xenawarriorprincess 16 Feb, 2009

    Loved the simplicity of the recipe. It's wonderful for winter time. I think next time I make it, I will spruce up the gravy a bit - make it thicker and add mushrooms.

  • dmo930 10 Feb, 2009

    This is a simple and very tasty recipe. It is my favorite pot roast recipe. I have made it a couple of times and will make it many, many more!!

  • No_Angel 9 Feb, 2009

    Made this yesterday for company - exactly as stated in the recipe - it turned out PERFECT! I could not believe how much gravy it made. Will make this again and again.

  • sbmulqeen 28 Jan, 2009

    Sorry if this is a repeat, my comment was lost. This was SO yummy and SO easy. I made it exactly as the recipe stated - although it was done faster than the time said. The sauce was delicious, the veggies perfect. I made it with Pommes Ana (food network) and it was the perfect comfort meal.

  • detroiterchick 27 Jan, 2009

    This is quite simple and very good. You can also ad a few small quarted potatoes to the mix and they are tastey as well.

  • mywomansworth 21 Jan, 2009

    Easy and deIicious. I cook this for my parents, children and husband and they loved it. Funny thing, I never enjoyed cooking, but now I may be on to something.

  • karaheald 12 Jan, 2009

    It was outstanding and really easy - loved it

  • Fufina514 2 Jan, 2009

    Made this pot roast for our New Year's Eve dinner party and everyone loved it. Will make it again!

  • hinsdale 3 Dec, 2008

    I love this recipe. So easy, makes the house smell delicious. I followed ssector's advice of adding garlic to meat and bayleaf and extra liquid (1 -2 tbsp). It turned out PERFECT. There was plenty of delicious gravy and lots of flavor. This one will definitely be made again and again.

  • ssector 13 Nov, 2008

    I was nervous about not putting any liquid so I added a few tablespoons which stopped the veggies from sticking to the pot. Its amazing the amount of gravy the meat produces. I also added a bayleaf, and spread a pressed clove of garlic over the beef before the worcester sauce. Just before serving, added a splash of balsamic and a splash of wine. This was just DELICIOUS and so easy.

  • foodie1 4 Nov, 2008

    Don't add any liquid! I've prepared this 2 times now and I have plenty of sauce left for a great gravy. I also do not brown the meat first.....the meat comes out with a good color (not gray) and's the worchestershire sauce that enhances the color. I also cook it for 10 hours on low. This is without a doubt one of the simplest and most successful recipes for a slow cooker. Don't complicate it.

  • akaplan 4 Nov, 2008

    I have made this three times as is and it is so wonderful!!! My husband and I got a 1/4 of a cow this summer and can't think of any other way I would want to make the pot roast. I will admit that when cooking on a Saturday when you're home is not a good idea, it's hard to keep the lid on!!!! We add extra onions and carrots now because they taste soo good.

  • DebZyla 29 Oct, 2008

    Easy and elegant, my young son asked for seconds, thirds, and fourths! (Yes, they were small helpings.) I like the suggestion of a bay leaf and will toss one in when I make this again. I might also, after skimming the fat, add some balsamic or a cup of red wine to the juices to make an even richer gravy. Our carrots turned out great - glazed and flavorful. Keep the veggies to a medium cut so that they do not overcook.

  • CaliforniaCook 20 Oct, 2008

    not the best use of a slow cooker - vegetables became too mushy, not much flavor. May be better with reviewers' modifications, but I wouldn't make it as written again.

  • creativediff 14 Oct, 2008

    This was a wonderful meal! We made it with fresh corn and homemade mashed potatoes. Our guests told us all night long how wonderful it was!

  • smd1227 11 Oct, 2008

    And add a bay leaf for a really savory flavor.

  • smd1227 11 Oct, 2008

    And add a bay leaf for a really savory flavor.

  • smd1227 11 Oct, 2008

    Woah, it cut me off. I add a package of onion soup mix and a can of cream of mushroom soup. That makes an awesome gravy.

  • smd1227 11 Oct, 2008

    This is an outstanding recipe, when you want a Sunday dinner on a workday. I always brown my roast first and sometimes I add a package of onion soup

  • audiegrace 10 Oct, 2008

    I first brown my pot roast after dusting it with flour and a sprinkle of sugar on both sides (also salt and pepper). This creates a really flavorable, brown crust that will help thicken the juices and make a tasty gravy.

  • JeniferD 8 Oct, 2008

    My mother always said to brown it first, to just sear it on both sides.

  • alipapier 8 Oct, 2008

    does anyone recommend browning the meat first?

  • pgchef 8 Oct, 2008

    I'm pretty sure that you don't need to add water because the slow cooker creates liquid with steam and cooking with the lid on. I have done it several times. Of course, adding a little liquid will just give you a little more delicious gravy.

  • georgiebird 8 Oct, 2008

    A very important ingredient appears to have been omitted from this recipe-Liquid. Water, broth,soup needs to be added for this to cook in a slow cooker.

  • georgiebird 8 Oct, 2008

    A very important ingredient appears to have been omitted from this recipe-Liquid. Water, broth,soup needs to be added for this to cook in a slow cooker.

  • Tracey_08 7 Oct, 2008

    You could choose a smaller roast, but pot roast freezes really well. If you opt to cook the entire roast, simply cool, slice, and freeze the leftovers with some pan juices and vegetables for an easy meal another night. I'm going to try this particular recipe. Sounds easy and delicious.

  • dotsonjudy 7 Oct, 2008

    I cooked a 2.11 lb. roast for two of us, added two peeled and chunked potatoes in addition to the carrots and onions...amounts halved. Added the full amount of water and cooked in the oven in a pottery dutch oven for 3 1/2 hours and it was the best roast we ever had. There were only two tiny slices left!

  • dotsonjudy 7 Oct, 2008

    I cooked a 2.11 lb. roast for two of us, added two peeled and chunked potatoes in addition to the carrots and onions...amounts halved. Added the full amount of water and cooked in the oven in a pottery dutch oven for 3 1/2 hours and it was the best roast we ever had. There were only two tiny slices left!

  • cshlko 7 Oct, 2008

    If I want a serving for two people, do I have to cook for a quarter of the recommended cooktime of 6hrs (high)?

  • cshlko 7 Oct, 2008

    If I want a serving for two people, do I have to cook for a quarter of the recommended cooktime of 6hrs (high)?

  • nancysdaffs 28 Sep, 2008

    This is too easy and too good, so keep this one in your permanent file. Used the crock pot and served it for guests last night. First they fell in love with the aroma when they walked into the house and later the taste. Next time, I will thicken the juices a little more so it is the consistency of gravy.

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