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Love Bites: Heart-Shaped Valentine's Day Foods

Martha Stewart Living, February 2011

Surprise your sweeties with edible valentines -- heart-shaped cookie cutters make it easy, all day long.

For dinner, try sauteed polenta, or add roasted red and golden beets to a salad. Or start the day with a French toast breakfast in bed. For dessert, make rosy gelatin cutouts with pomegranate juice and pink lemonade, strawberry ice cream sandwiches, or fragrant cherry scones.

Still loving this idea? Add cute carrots to soup, or make lovey-dovey ravioli or the best brownies.


Love Bites Tips


Cut firm polenta, then saute. 


Slice roasted beets into rounds, and cut hearts.

French toast

Freeze the bread for about 15 minutes before cutting.


Make it extra firm (use 1 1/2 times gelatin called for in a homemade recipe), and cut after it sets; rinse cutter with warm water between cuts.

Ice cream sandwiches

Use any cutout cookie recipe.


Cut dough before baking.


Slice into 1/4-inch rounds while raw, then cut out hearts. Add to soup, and simmer until tender.


Use wonton wrappers, not pasta.


Cut after baking. Wipe cutter, and coat with nonstick spray between cuts.


Tissue squares, 4 inches, $2 for 24, Aspic cutters, 3/4 inch, $8 for 12, and heart cookie cutters, $9.59 for 6; Heat-resistant fluted heart cutters, $49.75 for 6,


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