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Scented Fans


  • Plain store-bought fans
  • Scented spray
  • Tags (optional)


  1. Step 1

    To make these aromatic favors, spritz a little room scent onto plain store-bought fans; they'll waft their fragrance as guests wave them. Spray above, not onto, the fan and let it land in a mist to avoid soaking.

  2. Step 2

    Add a tag to represent the scent, such as lemon, rose, or fresh and green.

Martha Stewart Weddings, Fall 2002

Reviews (1)

  • lilibartley 13 Jul, 2011

    I have done this before and it is a nice idea in principle the only problem is the scent tends to go stale and can stain the fan. There are a couple of perfumers who are catching on to the idea(I love Daniel Vaudd) and making fans with in-built time-release scents...bit more pricey but a lovely treat I think.