Healthy Eye Creams

Body+Soul, April/May 2005

Eyes are everyone's center of attention -- and attraction. But they're also the place where age and stress make their marks first, in the form of dark circles or early wrinkles, which makes the idea of eye-specific creams very appealing. As a consumer, though, you have to wonder, are those tiny, pricey tubes really worth it? Experts say yes. Products designed for the rest of the face can irritate eyes. The eye area is delicate and prone to dryness and early thinning of the skin. Many eye creams target specific problems using natural ingredients like soothing herbs, antioxidant vitamins, and wrinkle-smoothing peptide complexes. Our chart shows the best options for four common complaints.

The Problems

Under-eye and eyelid skin doesn't have the same oil-producing glands as the rest of the skin, making it extra prone to dryness and flakiness.

Fine Lines
Over time, habitual expressions and free-radical damage cause skin's collagen to regenerate imperfectly. This causes fine lines, or "crow's feet," at the outer corners of the eyes.

Dark Circles
The already delicate under-eye and eyelid skin gets thinner and more transparent with age, allowing bluish-red blood vessels to show through.

Stress and lack of sleep cause inflammation and irritation, and the super-sensitive area under the eyes can become especially pink and puffy.


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