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Cleaning Your Yoga Mat

Occasional cleaning to remove dirt and sweat can prolong the life of your yoga or Pilates mat -- and help it retain its sticky, nonslip surface. Here's how to keep it fresh.

Daily Care
After sweaty workouts, wipe the mat with a damp sponge or rag, and let it dry before rolling it up.

Deep Cleaning
Spritz a mixture of water and a few drops of liquid soap all over the mat. Then wipe down the mat with a clean, wet sponge or cloth; repeat if soap remains. Allow the mat to air-dry.

Shared Mats
If you borrow a mat from a gym or yoga studio, you should disinfect it before and after use. Try Vermont Soapworks Yoga Mat Wash, which you spray on and wipe off, or Jo-Sha Wipes, which come in single-use packets.

Comments (1)

  • elenadarden 17 Apr, 2008

    I tghrow my yoga mat into the washing machine and set it on gentle cycle. Once washed, I air dry it extended. Works very well.