Summer Salads

Body+Soul, Volume 3 July/August 2005

Like a thunderstorm on a hot summer's day, main-course salads bring relief that's both cooling and energizing. Basically, main-course salads are substantial salads with protein added, such as chicken, fish, cheese, beans, nuts, or soy products. This is the best time of year for making these entrees, what with the bounty of greens and vegetables available from your garden, farmers' market, or local farm. But with so much of a good thing, where do you start? With a little knowledge of what are called "flavor prints" (simply ingredient identifies such as Mediterranean, Asian, Latin, and American), you can easily focus your choices and create inspired entrees.

Southwest-Style Scallop Seviche Salad
Thin Sliced Vegetable Salad with Walnuts & Chicken
Navy Bean Nicoise
Quinoa and Corn Salad with Pumpkin Seeds


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