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Comfortable and Stylish Pet Collars

Help your pup put his best paw forward with a handsome collar or harness. These four offer style points and creature comfort.
Martha Stewart Living, November 2010

Help your pup put his best paw forward with a handsome collar or harness. These four offer style points and creature comfort.

Classic Collar
Harry Barker's recycled-plastic lead and collar ($25 and $19; have a tres chic horsebit pattern and are good for short walks with dogs of any size.

Jacket Harness
As luxurious as a Barbour jacket, this waxed canvas harness ($54, and coordinating rope leash ($60) keep dogs under control comfortably; 25 percent of the profits go to the Louis Animal Foundation, which spays and neuters animals for free in rural areas.

Martingale Collar
More humane than a choke chain, Wagging Green's design has a control loop attached to a stable collar and leash ($21 and $23; Bonus: They're made of pesticide-free bamboo.

Because they place less strain on a dog's neck, harnesses are best for training and long outings. The Martha Stewart Pets padded leather harness ($28, distributes tension; the matching leash ($25) can hold a bag dispenser.

Comments (11)

  • trixiewoobeans 19 Sep, 2012

    Went to PetSmart to buy a sturdy, stylish leather collar for my large dog. Picked out a nice Martha Stewart one, then noticed "Made in China". I put the collar back and bought an Alum Creek collar that was made in the USA. It wasn't as stylish, but oh well.

  • myhometheark 27 Mar, 2011

    For LyndaDenise - If you have a larger dog you can find the type of harness that goes on the dogs' chest and hooks underneath a leg and has the leash ring on the dogs' back at Petsmart. They carry the heavier twill type.

    It is much harder to find a good/safe harness for a small dog.

  • LyndaDenise 25 Mar, 2011

    Whatever happened to the harnesses that had the piece from the collar to underside of body piece? Goes between the front legs? I liked those better they keep the collar from choking as well. Found some free patterns for simple collar and leash - good instructions and pics for not adjustable collar for already grown dogs and Leash I haven't found adjustable collars though.

  • myhometheark 25 Mar, 2011

    FYI!!Small dogs should NEVER wear a collar! Sm dogs should only wear a harness w/a leash. Small dogs should never have pressure on their throats/trachea, this can cause their tracheas to collapse, and seriously injure them or worse. I have never seen this info shared on the M. Stewart shows,sites or even M.Marrone's important missed opportunity. I know what I am talking about, a groomer caused this to happen to one of my Pomeranians, and he had to have trachea replacement surgery.

  • snofire 25 Mar, 2011

    Maybe the "tip of the day" is not the best placement but I do think it is good info for the average pet owner,so they can see the various kinds of collars available, whether for "sale" or as instructions to make - let's face it - it's pretty difficult to make a really good collar or harness without special equipment or skills. after all, its not so much the collar but the training of the dog that counts most.How about a dog training tip on how to keep your dog from pulling!

  • terryprogin 25 Mar, 2011

    some people just have waaaay too much time on their hands !!

  • RandyM 25 Mar, 2011

    I am sure it was not intentionally placed in organizing tips!
    Geeze! Some people complain when some items shown DON'T state where to buy them....then they complain when the stores and prices ARE shown!
    No one is "roping" anyone in to buy them. If you don't like what you see...
    you can just click out of it.

  • Espressso 25 Mar, 2011

    I as well am very disappointed as I subscribe and LOVE Marthas comany and ideas but when they rope you in to buy something I just get aggravated. I was expecting a tip of the day and a tip on how to make it not how to buy the kit Very diappointed :-(

  • 2newfies 25 Mar, 2011

    it IS a sales brochure, and I too am unsubscribing. I've got four dogs - and "more humane than a joke collar" is on a par with "slightly more humane than Jeffrey Dahmer"...

  • Houseblessings 25 Mar, 2011

    This is a sales brochure, not an organizing tip. I'm disappointed that I even opened it. I'll be unsubscribing from these emails.

  • mainergirl 25 Mar, 2011

    These are cute. I think the ones that cause the least amount of discomfort for the dogs are the best. I personally feel dogs are best suited for a fenced in yard where they can run free, but I suppose the full harness might be the best option if one must take the dog somewhere.