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Pet Toys We Love

Martha Stewart Living, November 2010

The all-natural Kong Crinkle Fish ($6 each, at pet stores) entices cats with feathers, cotton-encased catnip, and crackly sounds.

The Nina Ottosson cat pyramid ($12, makes your feline companions work to get at the morsels hidden within.

The Weebles-shaped Martha Stewart Pets Crochet Squeak Toy Chick ($10, stands up to moderate canine chewers.

The yucca Bird Kabob ($6, keeps parrots, macaws, or cockatiels happily shredding and pecking away for hours.

Play fetch with this handmade felted-wool dinosaur ($12,; proceeds benefit Nepalese workers.

Fill the Orbee-Tuff eggplant and strawberry chomper toys ($15 and $10.45 each; with a meaty dog treat.

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