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Pantry Soaps

Raid your pantry for materials that add texture, color, and fragrance to handmade soaps.

Photography: Sang An

Source: Martha Stewart


Learn Soap-Making Basics

Honey-ginger: For each cup of glycerin, add 1 teaspoon honey and 2 pinches ginger

Cinnamon-clove: 2 pinches cinnamon, 2 pinches ground clove

Oatmeal-honey: Use only clear glycerin in this soap; add 1 teaspoon honey, 2 pinches ginger, 2 teaspoons oatmeal

Chamomile: 1/4 teaspoon chamomile tea


  • Glycerin

  • Honey

  • Ginger

  • Cinnamon

  • Ground clove

  • Oatmeal

  • Chamomile tea

  • Yogurt cups, 1 1/4 inches deep, or cottage cheese containers


  1. Use common household items for your molds. We filled round yogurt cups 1-inch deep; oval yogurt or cottage-cheese containers create other shapes.

  2. After each soap has set, press on sides of mold to loosen the soap and on bottom to release it.


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