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Silk-Petal Garlands




Transform inexpensive silk flowers into delicate garlands.


  • Silk flowers
  • Hot glue
  • Beads


  1. Step 1


    Dismantle the blooms to separate the layers of petals, removing any greenery. Overlap edges of petals slightly, and join them using dabs of hot glue.

  2. Step 2

    Glue beads in centers to cover stem holes. String garlands along aisles, at the altar, or across chair backs.

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Reviews (8)

  • b braun24 1 May, 2013

    how do you string these?

  • cookie25 6 Mar, 2012

    We made these for my daughter's bridal shower to decorate the backs of the chairs.. I used narrow green ribbons as a backing for the flowers and beads. It made it sturdier and gave it the look of stems!

  • nerak117 13 Mar, 2009

    We are doing something similiar. I am getting married outside under a pergola. We will be hanging ribbons and glueing silk flowers to some of them.

  • Thx_for_the_inspiration 13 Mar, 2009

    to save money we are doing our own flowers for our outdoor wedding, too. we are buying direct from a local grower and arranging them in mason jars (if were having the reception inside, we'd buy inexpensive vases.) this is another way to save a ton of money!

    we'll use this garland idea for the ceremony site!

  • deadfrances 26 Jan, 2009

    I'm doing this for sure! I'm doing all floral arrangements myself (with the help of bridesmaids) and I loved the idea of garlands for a while. I wasn't sure if real flowers would last long enough for the wedding since I'd have to make them way ahead of time, so these silk-flowers are perfect!

  • smstar2003 21 Jan, 2009

    So these are not connected to string or anything? If any one has done them please let me know how well it held up

  • elaineyj199 22 Dec, 2008

    This seems like a really neat idea. I want to have flowers in my decor but I don't have a flower budget and I'm really skeptical about silk flowers... but I think this could look nice. Has any one actually tried it?

  • KTFarrington 4 Jun, 2008

    These are so cute. I am using them to decorate the bar area for my reception and at first I wasn't sure about them because I'm not really a fan of artificial flowers, but these are great!!!