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Source: Martha Stewart Living, February 2001


Even the ribbon and paper on a valentine present can say, "I love you." Romantic poetry -- try Byron, Keats, or Shelley -- will provide words appropriate to your amorous circumstance.


  • Suggested wrappings:

    1/4-inch quilling paper

  • Double-faced stain ribbon

  • Stamp

  • Typewriter

  • Tinted vellum

  • Paper


  1. In your best script, copy a line onto 1/4-inchwide quilling paper. Or use double-faced satin ribbon, and decorate it with a short, traditional phrase, such as "Be Mine"; a stamp with adjustable letters, available from most stationers, makes the message look like that on a tiny candy heart. An old typewriter also gives a present a romantic feeling; transcribe a verse onto tinted vellum for wrapping.

  2. If you're giving chocolates, count the ways sweetly on small paper disks, and place one beneath each candy.


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